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Farewell letter to a teacher

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´╗┐Dear Miss F. Richards, I?m writing just to inform you on my opinions of the english subject at the Institute Of London. No offence intended. English. What can I say? It?s vile, disgusting, boring and to be frank it?s really not for me... That?s what I used to think. Over the past five years I have grown from loathing the subject to quite simply adoring it. Heck most of us even wait in the english classroom over our break and lunchtimes unable to contain our excitement for whatever adventure we were about to plunge into. ...read more.


There was no equations and no formulas needed. Just a thousand comprehensions, DVD covers, Text articles, essays and speeches to analyse. A million personal writing tasks to write and a billion shoutings to endure. Although that?s a lot better than simultaneous equations if you ask me. I remember one of the first ever homeworks I received from english. ?Write a page describing who I was, what I liked, what hobbies did I do.? For such a simple task I was dying to engulf myself into the work. ...read more.


Two words back up that statement and no argument can prove it otherwise. Comic Con. I?m going to cut it short here as I?m sure there?s enough grammatical errors to be seen and I won?t make it any worse. I just want to say thank you Miss Richards for putting up with me for so many years and I have thoroughly enjoyed almost everything about english. It really has been my favourite subject. Hopefully I?ve learnt enough to be able to go into the exam and get the best I can get and make a good name for 8 banders everywhere. ;) Yes i just did a winky face. BAHA. Yours sincerely: ...read more.

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