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Farmer oaks diary.

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Farmer oaks diary This morning I was checking the flock, thoughts about how great it will be when I have paid off all my debts and own a larger farm filled my mind. Glancing down the ridge towards the road I sited a wagon trundling along towards the village. Sat above a multitude of household goods, with a cat in a basket by her side was beautiful young woman wearing a red jacket. Juddering, the waggon drew to a halt and the waggoner spoke to the lady, then walk back along the road as though looking for something. I was still gazing at her when she looked around to make sure no one was about, she obviously did not see me, she then took a package out of a bag and proceeded to unwrap the package, it was a mirror. She did not alter her hair or clothes but just gazed into the mirror, surveyed herself and smiled. She finished her display and repacked the mirror. ...read more.


I was wandering along next to the hedge when I heard the slow trot of a horse coming up past the cow shed. Remembering what I had heard last night and looking around in the ditch I spotted the hat a few yards away. After retrieving the hat I went back to my hut. Spying through a whole facing in the direction of the oncoming rider I saw the young woman in the red jacket riding along the footpath the trees too low for her to ride sat straight up. After looking round to see if any one was about and watching she lay back on the horse with her head on its back and her feet by its shoulders. She then changed her position once more and started to ride facing forwards as the saddle should be ridden as it was not a side-saddle but in a most un-lady like fashion she trotted towards the town. On her way back I spotted her again and after she had finished what she was doing I returned the hat and we talked, but then I ...read more.


so I decided that I would go over to her house and ask weather she would marry me I don't know why I did but I just felt that it was the right thing to do. I went over to her house in my best clothes and asked to see her only to be told that she was not in and had many men chasing after her any way. When I had just left Bathsheba's house she came out and ran after me supposedly just to tell me that she did not actually have any men after her. When I asked her whether she would marry me she said, no and so I asked her to consider again and proceeded to tell her the benefits of married life. Again she said no and advised me to marry a woman with money. She said that she was not ready to marry and she says she is not rich and so was not right for me! I then told her that I loved her and she began to get angry so after she had finished I decided I had to go. Ben Battell 10E 9/4/2003 ...read more.

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