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Fear Story.

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It was a bitterly cold, crisp Sunday morning and a young boy called Billy was expected to rendezvous with his school friends. Billy lived in a run down area next to Eltham and was due to meet his friends at the social club known as "Acacia". Billy had just turned fourteen years old and planned to have a few games of snooker with his mates at a local snooker hall. Billy arose from his bed after he was awakened by his alarm clock. He trudged down his stairs to get himself something to eat as he was quite big for his age. After eating Billy elected to dress in his finest clothes for the occasion. Just before Billy rambled out of the house his mother called out "you're looking very smart today Billy". ...read more.


Billy knew that this was a rougher area than his one and was warned by his mother never to set foot in The Ferrier Estate. Billy informed Jack and Will that it was a rough area; Jack started to shake viciously for several minutes. Will had had enough and stomped down the stair with his footsteps being heard from downstairs. As he strolled towards the bus driver he angrily said "where are you going mate? You took a wrong turning". The man, who looked Arabian, said "shut the hell up if you know what is best for you and the rest of these morons aboard this bus". An element of fear was streaming through young Will's head and zoomed up the stairs and told Billy and Jack. ...read more.


Then Billy thought he heard a ticking noise like a clock. Someone on the bus shouted out IT'S A BOMB. Billy ran upstairs to report the incident and tell everyone to get off the bus. Billy attempted to open the exit doors in which he successfully achieved and then escorted everyone off of the bus. Billy and Will then assisted Jack in getting off of the bus then all of a sudden they heard a noise coming from the direction of the bus speakers. It said "30 seconds then asta la vista". Billy, Will and Jack scurried off of the bus and hid behind two large dustbins. Zero sounded, an alarm went off for several seconds then KABOOM, the bus was obliterated into scattered debris. They slowly trudged towards Billy's house from the Ferrier Estate in hope that people wouldn't notice them walking past. They had been through enough torture and pain for one day. ...read more.

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