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Followed - creative writing.

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Followed The streets of London enclosed this humble infant. Unaware of where he is; where his mummy is, he continued to patrol the distant streets. The exhaustion of the young boy is unbearable to think of. Although unfamiliar with his surroundings he continued to walk, crying with anticipation: where is he? Freddy had been visiting London for the first time with his adorable mum. They got on so well. His mum was a rather rounded figure with big blue eyes and elongated eyelashes to balance her silhouette. She was a comical woman always entertaining her companions. Never a dull moment when she was around. Freddy loved her with all his heart and hoped he was just dreaming. Freddy and his mum were visiting sights in London, but he wasn't happy with this. He despised it, the thought of walking around all day long; looking at tedious buildings that all appeared identical made him aggravated; what was the point? "Live life while you can!" is what his mum used to say to him. " What's the point spending a beautiful Sunday morning indoors while you can be outdoors, celebrating the beauty of our capital city!" ...read more.


He peered over his right shoulder, to what seemed like his worst nightmare. Hastily attempting to rush through a crowd of passing pedestrians trying to get away as quickly as possible. But suddenly he tripped to found himself landing on the rotting pavement. His pulse now increasing as if his heart was being snatched out of his chest then receiving a brutal punch to the whole in which was left. Blood was rushing from his head to his toes and back and forth, back and forth. Quickly rising to his feet he continues to run, running faster and faster, trying to find somewhere to hide. Scared that if he stops, the old man would catch him, torture him, hurt him, the thought was unbearable. The poor little boy was petrified, trembling with fear, looking for somewhere to escape to. He glimpsed behind his shoulder and to his surprise the man had gone. "What just happened?" Freddy distraughtly thought to himself. Was it a hallucination caused by his mum's disappearance, or was it real, was that man really there? Freddy now tried to stay in places where people were around, but his racing mind couldn't shoot nasty thoughts out his head. ...read more.


Freddy's immediate reaction was to run, but that of the gaze coming from the man is too strong to pull away from. The contact between the two if disrupt able and yet strangely comforting, but only for the fact that his eyes are big and blue with beautiful elongated eyelashes, just like those, that stare at him daily with love and care. After a moment of bewilder ness he hears a screaming voice coming from the bottom of the road, he peers over the mans right shoulder to see a rather rounded figure running up the road. Elation fills Freddy's heart. His shoulders start to relax and the view of his adorable mum makes him feel at once comforted. He and his mum spend hours, it seems, in an embrace, but eventually realising that the man is standing behind him he turns and quickly tells his mum about what has happened. She just stands there and laughs! "Freddy darling, I brought you to London to meet your uncle! Say hello to uncle Fred!" Freddy doesn't reply. He looks up at his mum in complete awe but eventually pulls them both into an embrace with a sigh of relief. ...read more.

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