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Frank McCourt both idolises and hates his father. Discuss this with close reference to the novel Angela's Ashes.

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Frank McCourt both idolises and hates his father. Discuss this with close reference to the novel Angela's Ashes. This book is about a boy, Frank McCourt, growing up in a very difficult lifestyle. He and his family were very poor and moved away from America to Limerick to try and live an easier life. Frank's father is constantly out of a job and hasn't got enough money to support his family. Frank and his father have a very interesting relationship. Throughout the book, there are constant changes of how Frank feels for his father. At the very beginning of the book, Frank explains that he was "the shiftless loquacious alcoholic father," and gives the reader the impression that he was a very bad dad. As the story moves on, there are several places where you can see that Frank loves his father, despite all the hard times he has put him and his family through. ...read more.


When Oliver dies, Frank gets very angry at his father for putting his pint on Oliver's white coffin. Frank loved his brother very much and couldn't stand Malachy being so disrespectful. Although Frank hated his father for many things, he still loved him for he was his dad. Malachy would get up in the morning with Frank and tell him stories about Cuchulain, and then they would have their tea and a cut of bread together. Frank loved his mornings with his father as it was just the two of them and he had him all to himself. When Frank thought about having a different father, he would think about their morning together and would decide he was happy with him as his father. Frank loved him the most when he brought home the wages from his job and made his mother, Angela, happy. ...read more.


When Frank didn't come home, he searched for him the whole night until he found him. He ate little of his own food so that he could leave the rest of it for them and he would stay up at night time to help them sleep when they were staying over at their Aunt Aggie's or their grandma's. When Malachy was drunk, he would get all the boys out of bed in the middle of the night and make them line up like soldiers, making them swear to die for Ireland. These parts were quite comical but Frank was angry when he made his little brother Michael get up as well when he was so young. When Malachy moved to England, Frank was upset when he left but they became very distant after a couple of years. Frank probably knew he wouldn't see him again but he didn't care because he hadn't sent his mother a penny. Frank hated Malachy, but when he hadn't been drinking he loved him and spending time with him. 1 ...read more.

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