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Friends Are Your Family?

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Friends Are Your Family? Mya stared at the wall wondering what the next three years had in store for her. Doubts ran through her mind, would she enjoy her new start? Would she find friends just as special as her previous ones and most importantly would she finally fit into the diverse & independent lifestyle here? These thoughts were then disturbed by a knock at the door, followed by an entrance by her mother. Mya jumped up and smiled trying to hide the worries racing through her mind, hugged and kissed her mother then watched her walk out again. She couldn't show her weakness, not now. It was Mya who was determined to move once she discovered that her father had an opportunity for a 3 year placement in reason a new exciting upbeat city. However it was only now that she realised how 'different' everything was turning out to be. BEEP BEEP BEEP the sound rang through Mya's mind, not allowing her to sleep another second. She turned off the alarm, staring at the ceiling she wondering if she should drag herself out of bed and finally start at the local high school. Like always, if she feared something, she would go to any extents to put it off. It was her way of dealing with problems. Mya found it easier to ignore her problems. She had been through so much in the past, which is largely why she was conscious about who she would open to. ...read more.


A few months had passed and Mya was not only settling into the new city with ease, thanks to the help of Ashanti but she had also drastically developed as a person. She was much more confident, open and assertive. In a matter of only a few months they had experienced a lot of crazy things together. Mya now loved the city, the nightlife, the shopping and the local people. At school, the students and teachers had also realised this drastic positive change in her behaviour. Ashanti had made Mya the girl she always wanted to be. However Mya still remembered her old town and friends, which she missed and decided to take a visit and catch up with her friends, Sia her best friend, agreed to let her stay with her for a week. As Mya got off at the train station memories came flooding back, she looked around nothing had changed, in fact everything was just as she remembered when she left. She saw Sia in the distance and greeted her; they talked on the way to Sia's place about what everyone was up to. It seemed that Mya was not the only person to have changed and moved on, Sia complained of how most of the girls had started to drift away from her and isolate her from themselves and how others just lost contact. Mya didn't bother reading too deep into this, as Sia was the critical type of person. As the week developed Mya realised how Sia was correct and everyone had changed, in a matter of few days there had already been back chatting, lying and betrayal. ...read more.


Ashanti thanked her again, and as she walked out of Myas room, Mya wished her good luck for her exam. As Mya watch Ashanti running towards the gates, from her bedroom window she screamed 'Oi remember yeh, . . . . . friends are your family'. Ashanti turned around, smiled and replied with 'yeh, chill I know'. (1780 Words) Lesson Reference I have generated a list of how the story links with the various lessons I had during emotional literacy. Lesson - When we had a meditation lesson and reflected on where we were most relaxed and ourselves. Mine was based on when I was in sixth form. In Story - When Mya is looking out the window, thinking about her past. Lesson - When we had to name and describe a toy teddy bear/ animal. In Story - The way Mya wishes to be perceived and the way Ashanti is perceived to Mya. Lesson - When I was in the 'hot seat'. In Story - Is mentioned throughout when Mya is describing her emotional state. Lesson - When we had to bring something of great significance to us into class and share the reason its so special. From this lesson I discovered how everyone had a 'story' through which they had experienced, there was more to my course mates than what they came across as. In Story - The shock Mya had when learning that there was more to Ashanti than she had perceived her as. ?? ?? ?? ?? Meera Katnaur Emotional BA Communication Studies 04150767 Literacy - Level One ...read more.

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