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GCSE English Spec B - War Poetry

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YEAR 11 ENGLISH LITERATURE WAR POETRY THE BATTLE OF BLENHEIM - ROBERT SOUTHEY - Poem is a ballad - Narrative (story) with a simple rhyme scheme - Story of Old Kaspar, Austrian peasant who lives on the former battlefield - Southey had a brief / purpose to write for a newspaper 'The Morning Post' in 1798 - Believes war if futile way to settle disputes - The success and glory of war are soon forgotten - Illustrates these ideas by the story of Kaspar - Each chapter has its own story - Looked at the wars of the Spanish Succession - Fifty thousand men died THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE - ALFRED TENNYSON - Crimean War --> 1854 till 1856 - British cavalry commander mistook some orders to retake some guns held by the Russians. ...read more.


- Stanza 4 till 5 --> brigade reaches Russian guns, attacks gun crew with sabres - Tennyson catches glamour without horror of the bloodshed - Stanza 6 --> Tennyson stands back to offer general comment on epic movement of war - French general who watched charge said: 'it is magnificent, but it is not war: it is folly' COME UP FROM THE FIELDS FATHER - WALT WHITMAN - His 1st war poems reflected general excitement about conflict in northern American cities - After younger brother got wounded --> attitudes changed - Work as a 'wound dresser' --> attitudes changed - Imaginative writing about effects of war on a farming in Ohia - Letter from Front tells them of bad news about their son, Pete A WIFE IN LONDON ...read more.


in the distance - Doctor doing his best --> help causalities - Badly wounded man, massive injury, caused by a rebounded bullet DIRGE OF THE DEAD SISTERS - RUDYARD KIPLING - Kipling went to South Africa as a journalist during Boer war - Grave supporter of military and British empire - Had doubts as he watched effects of fighting - Typhoid broke out in overcrowded town - Women volunteered to be nurses who began to die themselves - Subject of the poem --> their courage and endurance THE HYAENAS - Reflects what he observed in India and South Africa - Ugly scavengers dig up and eat buried soldiers - It is their instinct --> therefore not to blame - Real target of anger seen in bitter concluding lines ...read more.

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