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(GCSE) Persuasive essay - "Women are superior to men"

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"Women are superior to Men" Which gender do you consider to be the best? Many people have argued over this for a long time, but we will look at the reasons why many are against the statement and why many agree. There are many different points to rise, for example the point that men are physically stronger and the point that women are able to cope better with many different issues and decisions. Firstly, I believe women are the strongest thinkers between the two genders and that they are more intelligent. Research confirms that the brains of men and women are different. Studies show that human male brains are on average approximately 10% larger than female brains. It has been proven that in the part of the female brain that allows us to think, is around 5% bigger than in the male brain. ...read more.


Other research suggests that, on average, the female brain performs some skills better. However a point on the other hand would be that males are able to achieve more in careers and more jobs are offered to them because of their gender and ability. It is believed they can do certain jobs more effectively than females, not always because of strength but because things like mechanics and fixing things come naturally to a lot of men and because it is an assumed role for many. Men are proven to be physically stronger but many women are also as capable as some men, which is why there are women doing jobs such as builders, electricians, the Navy, the Army, plumbers and fitness instructors - jobs that were once dominated by males. A point against the previous would be that women are much stronger mentally. ...read more.


Today, women have more rights, more freedom thanks to women uniting all over the world which is why feminist groups and support groups continue to grow. There are very famous, powerful women that have done a lot for people. Two to mention are Marie Curie, the founder of Marie Curie Cancer care. She discovered radium which helped to cure cancer and her name still lives on as her cancer care charity by helping thousands of cancer patients every year in the UK. As well as Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the first lady of America from 1933-1945. When her husband, President Franklin Roosevelt died. She continued to be an internationally recognized speaker, politician, and activist that supported equality. She worked to enhance the status of working women. So in conclusion, the difference between men and women is logical, and it makes sense that the brain varies between the sexes. Men tend to be more natural born protectors, while women are natural born nurturers. When women use these abilities to form, cultivate, and develop relationships, they can be incredibly strong. ...read more.

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