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get the style

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Get the style! Does the fashion drama before going out get you down? Don't worry from now on that will happen again; we have got all the style, "don'ts" for you to don't go crazy again. InStyle magazine have brought you three styles on which you can base your self! The first style we are going to present is the "vintage look", for the ones who love old-school style. On the top you should wear a seventies-esque bow blouse, with a denim jacket with details such as buttons and ruffles; these will give you Victorian sensibility! For the bottom you should wear a pleated chiffon skirt (this goes back to the Jazz age), you could wear some t-strap pumps, to add a bit of forties glamour. ...read more.


These will add even more glam, but still keeping up your conservative style. The next and last style we will look into is the "wild daring style". For these short, skinny, stylish clothes, micro-minis, and black leather are more than accepted! On the top you should wear a small tank or a shiny top (depends if it is night or day, or on the occasion), on top of it a black leather jacket or a fur shrug will look great! On the bottom you have got two choices (depending on your body sizes and how much you dare to show!), as a first choice you have got a pair of skinny jeans with knee-high boots over them, with a small purse matching them. ...read more.


have been brought from a time machine!).Also remember that you should never Match your make-up or your hair color with your outfit. (Ex. If you are blonde, yellow clothes are not the best for you, unless you want to look like a baby duck!). And for the last most important tip remember that too demure or too over exposed are equally bad, so keep a balance on your outfit. And of course always add a personal touch that will make your style even more stylish! Before you go and check what's up in your wardrobe, InStyle magazine hope you had enjoyed this guide, and that it can help you for the future when you have to use these tips, so as not to commit fashion suicide, and become the future Beauty Queen! (675 words) Jazmin avellaneda. ...read more.

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