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Ghost Story

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Ghost Stories are really popular, and always have been for a very long time. Several reasons why ghost based novels and movies have been successful, is because many people like the thrill. People will pick up a novel or enter a cinema without knowing how you will fell after, kind of in a way... similar to rollercoaster's and why people go on them. People are just waiting for a break of normal day-to-day life and are craving some excitement. Nearly all ghost stories keep you suspended until the last moment, can't wait to turn that hand and read the next page. This keeps the reader at there nerves, but still wanting to read the rest of the book, and finish it, then buy another, then do the exact same. People who sat that they have seen a ghost, just puts other people in a fixed mind set thinking how you would feel during a encounter with a ghost, how you would feel afterwards, would you tell anyone. People often say you get Goosebumps and go cold, and every noise you hear - you think someone is there, the fear factor is there. ...read more.


The ghost was pretending someone was down the River. "The Shepherds... found Miss Maude sitting, all crazy and smiling, nursing a dead child", - The child of Miss Maude taunts her mother. They take over venerable people, this is a way they trance there victims, after taking over victims, they take them away from there loved ones and family and follow orders from the ghost. This is effective because it adds a twist to the story, taking control over a special or loved person... usually in some ghost stories they tend to take over total strangers and work from there, putting them into a trance and giving specific orders, Out of the ordinary. In "The Call", the ghost died by her husband throwing her into the river. He threw her into the river because she had a bad leg and was no use to him. He wanted to see other women. In "The Old Nurses Story", Lord Furnival wanted his wanted his daughter to marry a person of importance and wealth and to bring happiness into the house. ...read more.


Both of the stories are set in very cold, bleak places, these give a kind of goolish, brutal and sick feeling. Most ghost stories are not set in cold, bleak places... most likely an urban area. This is different. Both situated far from nothing with huge houses and massive land, Wealthy people. The coldness gives a sense of evil and dangerous. Pathetic fallacy is used to reflect the power of the weather, like when they are tranced, and taken over, the weather changes, gets colder, darker and mood and atmosphere changes. Something that was mentioned in the Introduction, about making a 'good' ghost story, was language. The language that both stories use a very descriptive language; so the reader knows/can imagine everything in there mind, "The bank is crumbling and the fence is rotting.", "The water stacked up, black smooth slightly steaming...", "the stillness of the dead-cold weather". Both writers use similes, metaphors and personification. "The Old Nurses Story" use's old vocabulary, long sentences; this is more found of traditional old ghost stories. As for "The Call", it uses simple vocabulary, not complicated to follow story line and modern with straight forward sentences. ...read more.

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