How do the Authors use the Ghost Story Genre to Provoke Fear in the Reader?

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How do the Authors use the Ghost Story Genre to Provoke Fear in the Reader?

The dictionary definition of a ghost story is “A story having supernatural or frightening elements, especially a story featuring ghosts or spirits of the dead.” According to , ever since human kind existed, they respected and feared spirits of mountains, woods, animals, rivers and of the basis of those beliefs the creation of ghosts were not far away.  Especially when villagers were around the campfire fearing the unknown creatures of the darkness, and telling their fears to each other, scaring each other to believe false facts. Each culture has their own favourite/feared ghost stories and especially at night almost everyone respects and fears them in their own settings.  states that the most recent developments in the ghost stories was the authors selling their ghost story books where the most realistic sounding stories backed up by real places would give the reader a more genuine feel and authentic overview of the ghost story.

Much like the Gothic tradition of ghost stories that were very popular as they had features of being a genre of literature that combines elements of both  and . But this was made unpopular quickly as it was over written and read a lot by the Victorians and went “out of fashion” quickly.

Wilkie Collins, author of “The Dream Woman” (originally called “The Ostler” then changed in 1855) provoked fear in the reader as the story was written in installations; this made the structure of the story more fear provoking as it created more fear for the reader as it made the Victorian reader wait to find out what was going to happen next. It is written in the first person, so when the story was being told it made it more believable and when something supernatural happened to the narrator it makes the reader think it is more valid.

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 The narrator was a Doctor; this encouraged the Victorian reader trust in him as social status was of large interest in Victorian times. This is like “The Red Room” by H.G Wells, as the main character is high class, and makes the reader more likely to trust him as they were considered “better people” at the time. Also, as he is a doctor this makes the reader more likely to believe his word as doctors cannot exaggerate due to their jobs they must state facts. The reader will believe the doctor is a good man with good morals as he ...

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