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Glamour vs Fashion

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Glamour vs. Fashion Beautiful. Sensational. Sick. All of these words could be used to describe the current trend to be skeletal. Open any magazine, whether it's gossip or fashion and you'll see them: the thin, tortured shadows of women. They are everywhere. Owing to the recent media attention, everyone knows about this problem. Whilst it is true that models have always been thin (they have to be in order to show the clothes well) it is not true that the ROLE models of young women have always been minute. It was once the case that models were simply a tall pile of bones whilst the actresses and others in the media spotlight were curvier and therefore set better examples to their fans. But what we have today is a collision of glamour and fashion. ...read more.


Go on to any fashion forum and you will be bombarded with posts from teenage girls asking if HGH (human growth hormone - which has serious health side-effects) will help them grow five inches or how they can reduce the size of their [invisible] bum. Then, there are the mothers, who are desperately trying to lose weight, only to put it back on three months later. Recently published research has shown that mothers who yo-yo diet put their daughters at an increased risk of developing anorexia. With both mother and daughter feeling the pressure for the media, is it any wonder we have become an image-obsessed nation, always craving the look of those in the third world? ...read more.


Thos pictures are what the girls will be paying attention to as they show them that thin is beautiful, and no word of warning or Breakfast News debate if going to stop them lusting after that sickening shape. How many women do you know who constantly count calories, attend various weight-loss clubs or quote: "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips"? Exactly. We are surrounded by this sinister message and it is not right. It is not right that women like Luisel Ramos starve themselves to death to "make it big" and it is not right that thousands of young women are following that example. It is time this madness stopped; for the sake of future generations, it has to stop. ?? ?? ?? ?? Stephanie Saunders ...read more.

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