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Half caste, Unrelated incidents, Search for my tongue

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POETRY Half caste, Unrelated incidents, Search for my tongue By Gurdeep Sian I will be discussing how the three poems "Halfe Caste", "Unrelated incidents", and "search for my tongue" do not use standard English. I will be exploring the poets motivation and discussing how the poets deviate from standard English. In the poem "Search for my tongue" the poet Sujata Bhatt uses the language Gujarat. Using an alternative language such as (Gujarat) has an effect in ways that it shows how Sujata Bhatt had went from speaking English to Gujarat and back to English. ...read more.


In the poem "Unrelated incidents" is a reporter from the BBC talking. From the way the words are spelt we can gather that the reporter is Scottish, "this is thi six a clock thi man said n thi reason a talk wia BBC accent iz coz yi widny wahnt mi ti talk about thi trooth". Also in this poem is hardly any standard English at all. It is effective in ways that we get ideas of what the character is like. We know how the reporter is feeling. ...read more.


Judging from the way he talks, "well in dat case england weather nearly always half caste in fact some o dem cloud half caste till dem overcast", we can gather that he behaves and speaks more like a black person. At the end of the day John Agard sees himself as a human being, "I half - caste human being cast half - a - shadow but you must come back tomorrow". From looking at all of these poems we can say that it has a bigger effect and impact not using standard English all the time to experience the characters feeling, and to find out more about the character. ...read more.

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