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Holiday Planning - script.

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(Harry, bursting in through the door of the living room) H: (panting) Dad, you called for me? (Mr. James putting his newspaper on the stool beside him) Mr. J: Uh, yes, actually...tell me, when do your holidays begin? H: (still panting) oh, you could have asked me that at dinnertime! I was in the middle of a soccer match. Mr. J: Mr. Harry! I am your father and I'm allowed to interrupt your activities anytime I need to! (Coughs) Now, this is about your forthcoming holiday. H: (cheerlessly) You're going to send me to another Counselling Programme, aren't you? Mr. J: (Grinning) Not this time! You remember last holiday we toured Hawaii, which, of course, you didn't enjoy and so this time round I was thinking of... H: (Excited)...The Mountain Action package?!! Oh Dad, you're the BEST DAD! I've been dreaming about it for ages and it's finally coming true!! (Harry starts screeching and jumping all around the living room.) ...read more.


Mr. J: (flaming with anger) Enough! You're young, we're old, and it's not possible for us to do such activities. H: (Pleadingly) But all this Dad, makes a complete holiday rather than a lonely cruise. Mr. J: (Ignores his son and continues) The archaeological splendours of the marvelous city, Katakolon in Greece will help you in your history lessons. H: (Whispering to himself) As if I like history! Mr. J: (stunned) Me goodness! Where are your manners? H: (muttering to himself) They're lost! Mr. J: What did you say? (Goes on) ...anyway, you'll like the sight of Santorini - sheer, black cliffs dipping deep into the blue Aegean then spend an exciting time in the liveliest of the Cyladic Islands, Mykonos and have a superb time in Rhodes - the most beautiful Greek Island with its beautiful beaches and pretty cafes... H: (Puts in hurriedly)...there are many kinds of water sports too in Mountain Action like windsurfing, water-skiing, canoeing and hydro speed Mr. ...read more.


Mr. J: 'Innocent?' ...He...he...He had the audacity to raise his voice at me, and you call him, 'innocent?' Mrs. J: You have to sympathise with him, he's only a growing boy... Mr. J: Who doesn't know how to respect his parents! Mrs. J: James, now you stop being stubborn...I'm calling him, I want you to apologize to him. Mr. J: (taking a sip of his tea) But... Mrs. J: No buts! ...Harry! Oh, Harry! Please come downstairs, your father has something to say to you! (She approaches the staircase) (Silence) Mr. J: (Dashes towards the staircase) Harry, please come down, I have something to tell you. H: (Weeping) Go alone with mum! Who cares about me anyway! (His voice echoes across staircase) Mr. J: Hey big boy...I didn't mean to hurt your feelings...it's just that I don't want to go for Mountain Action this time and neither does your mum...but I promise we'll go the following holiday! (Harry sprints down the staircase to his parents) H: Really?? Mrs. J: Yes dear... H: ...You promise? Mr. J: (Smiling) I promise! (Soft piano music commences and they all hug) ...read more.

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