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Horror Story

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Horror Story Essay Slowly the Door Creaked open... Slowly the door creaked open, sweat rushed down the side of my face. It was pitch black at midnight and the rain was flooding down like water ascending from an overflowing swimming pool. I covered my head with a booklet of Newspaper. As I looked around the smell of animal extracts and a mixture of other leftovers used hundreds of years ago made contact with my nose. Mysterious sounds of squeakiness sounded like a blown up frequency meter as it vibrated through my ear drum. It felt like I was about to walk through the doors of hell. The door to the abandoned hotel was standing in front of me. A broken rotted piece of wood was hanging on a rusted piece of chain over the entrance with one side tilted down. Sweat was still rushing down my red hot face as I decided to make my way into the hotel. ...read more.


I stopped. Looked backwards, then left then right, there wasn't even a sound of a fly. Except the rats playing chase. I spotted a dust trail leading to a room on the side, the ajar door was free of cobwebs, and almost instantly a ray of yellow light beamed through and hit my shiny brown eyes. I raised my elbow and covered my eyes as I moved away from the brightness, my fear level increased and I crept backwards into another room. I didn't look around just peeped through the ajar door of the dark dark room which smelt of lavender leaves blowing in the air. I shut the door properly and felt for a locking system on the door. A giant metal push lock scraped through my palm, it felt as if a dagger was cutting deep and slowly to my vein. My heart was pounding as I asked myself, 'What would someone be doing at this time in an abandoned hotel'? This question just floated over my head, looking for an answer. ...read more.


Gradually I uncovered my eyes, and slowly opened my ayes, when my eyes opened wide, my mouth dropped, I froze staring at what's in front of me. I was standing inside a huge bathroom, I locked my eyes on the bath, and it was full of gold jewellery and diamonds. For a minute I was lost in my dreams thinking 'I'm rich!!' I quickly checked that the door is locked safely and filled my pocket as full as an overgrown gorilla. I planned my escape, there was a glass window on top of the toilet, I picked up a golden dagger in the bath I found, it was as sharp as a razor, and straight through the window I escaped and started running as fast as a cheetah, after a while I stopped for a breath, and looked back and thought, 'I bet the person in there is looking for this as well', and then accelerated my legs and disappeared into the distance. In the next week I was inside a Ferrari driving, enjoying the wealth bought by the diamond and golden treasure. Rassel M Akthar ...read more.

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