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How are different experiences of love shown in 3 or 4 of the poems?

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English essay How are different experiences of love shown in 3 or 4 of the poems? All the poems featured in the hearts and partners section show a number of different attitudes and experiences to love and show how love can affect people in lots of different ways. 'To his coy mistress' shows quite a lustful attitude and experience to love rather than 'true love', "Now let us sport while we may". This poem shows how people can confuse lust with love and shows how not all 'love' experiences are good ones. 'To his coy mistress' is written by a first person (a male) intending to try and pursue the woman and he tries every way possible to try and do so. The poem's directly written to the lady almost like a love letter but in the form of a poem, and it's purpose being to try and attract the lady to his so called charms. The poem begins quite lovingly and affectionate towards the woman the poem is written for, and the man comes across as gentlemanly and charming in the first few verses "My vegetable love should grow". ...read more.


all my lust" The poem's structured almost like an argument rather than a love poem and is set out in 3 stages- Praise" A hundred years should go to praise", Threat, "Times winged chariot hurrying near", and passion "Let us roll all our strength up into one ball", This just adds to the dark experience on the woman's side. Another poem with a slightly different experience to love but the same attitude as to 'To his coy mistress' is 'the beggar woman', this poem has the same attitude in the sense that the man is only after one thing from the woman but is shown in a very different way. Unlike 'To his coy mistress' the poem is set out more like a story rather than a love poem and so it doesn't quite seem as 'real'. During this poem the woman again encounters not a very pleasant experience and is almost treated like an animal from the man, there to do what he wishes with "He ambles on before, she trots behind". ...read more.


'I wanna be yours' creates a very different experience to love compared to the other 2 poems and is a much more pleasant, nice attitude towards the subject "Let me be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust". The poem is more of a comical poem throughout "let me be your ford cortina", but only in the last 2 lines do you see a more loving, caring approach and attitude to how the poet feels "I don't wanna be hers, I wanna be yours". Suddenly what just seemed as a very unserious, weird, quite funny poem turns into a loving one, just by simply adding those two lines right at the end of the poem. 'I wanna be yours' is a funny but nice and caring experience towards love and is a very lighthearted poem but still pleasant at the same time "that's how deep is my emotion", unlike the other 2 poems which both had bad, lustful, sexual experiences towards love. All poems show different experiences of love- Violence, lust, passion, caring, comical, loving etc and all 3 poems show how there are many different kinds of love- both negative and positive kinds. Lois Blucher ...read more.

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