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How did Victor Frankenstein(TM)s personality change during chapters four and 5?

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Frankenstein Essay; how did Frankenstein's personality change during chapters four and 5? . I have been studying Frankenstein chapters four and five, in detail. The story is roughly about Victor Frankenstein and his creation; it's about Victor becoming obsessed with making a human life using dead limbs and organs. He then becomes horrified and terrified at the abomination he has created. This is a gothic (horror) story, a few things that characterise this type of writing are cold and rainy nights, intense moonlight and lightning. Victor was driven by curiosity and interest in science. Victor studies science at the University of Ingolstadt, where he becomes best friends with a man who later becomes important in the plot. Whilst he is at university we learn that he is a very arrogant man. "Had become as well acquainted with the theory and practice of natural philosophy as depended on the lessons of any of the professors at Ingolstadt, my residence being no longer conductive to my improvement." ...read more.


"I became nervous to a most painful degree; the fall of a leaf startled me." He has isolated himself from his friends and family for a long time and is showing signs of a mental breakdown. He is trying to kid himself into thinking he will be able to go back to normal when his creation is finished but the likelihood is that he won't be able to. "And I believed that exercise and amusement would then drive away incipient disease; and I promised myself both of these when my creation should be complete." His mind is unstable and he is possibly insane. The atmosphere at the beginning of chapter five is very "dark", it causes you to assume something bad is about to happen. "It was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils." Frankenstein tells us of his anxiety of his experiments end result. "With an anxiety that almost amounted to agony." ...read more.


By the end of chapter four he is completely obsessed with trying to bring a dead body to life. "Sometimes I grew alarmed at the wreck I perceived I had become" Victor realised that he had a big problem but because he was so engrossed in his project. Eventually the very thing that had kept him going scared him enough to realise that he had a problem with his obsession. I do not agree with Victor's methods or what he did to himself, but I understand why he did it and to see that he was regretful in the end makes his case a lot easier to understand. However what Victor did was not only immoral, it was illegal, His obsession drove him to commit a crime that was against the ethics of his community. In my opinion, Victor, in personality was more of a "monster" than the creation itself. The creation didn't choose to live, it was Frankenstein that thought the creature would be happy and would hail him as its father. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Liam Gibbings. ...read more.

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