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How do the Poets you have Studied Communicate the Reality and Suffering of War?

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How do the Poets you have Studied Communicate the Reality and Suffering of War? War is a very brutal, but yet very controversial topic. There have been many publications in support of war, saying that it is all very good going off to fight and possibly die for your country, when the majority of the people who go off to war find it to be a very different experience. One that can be life changing and they realise that most of what has been said before had been government propaganda. Some of them wish to bring it to the attention of Joe Public in various ways i.e. Poetry, Books, Dossier's, etc. The poems that I have chosen are ''Dulce et Decorum Est'' by Wilfred Owen and ''War Photographer'' by Carol Ann Duffy. I will start with a bit of information on the poets, firstly Wilfred Owen. ...read more.


She is currently the Poet Laureate and is the first woman and first Scot to have this title. She has also written and starred in plays including Cavern of Dreams, Little Women, Big Boys, Loss and Casanova. She is a professor of Contemporary Poetry at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Duffy's poem ''War Photographer'' refers to war in more recent times whereas we are used to seeing images of warzones in daily life through the media. The main aim in her poetry is to let readers see a situation from a new perspective. In Owens poem, he is describing that war isn't all that it is cracked up to be, instead of the government's version describing it as great and an honour, he portrays the real feelings that quite a lot of men had experienced, that is was gruesome, horrific and disgusting in some cases. ...read more.


In the line ''Coughing Like Hags'' Owen tries to use this similie to convey an image of the soldiers sitting in the trenches Violently Coughing and Spluttering which may mean that during the war in the trenches at times there was nothing to do apart from sit and smoke which would have had an appalling effect on the soldier's and their health which would easily explain the Coughing and Spluttering. Also the appalling conditions of the wartime trenches would have had an adverse effect on the soldier's health which may have made the coughing even worse. Owen describes the intensity and the rush in the trench as there is a gas attack by saying ''Gas! Gas! Quick boys!''. He uses three exclamation marks which gives an image of a sergeant or other high ranking official shouting to the men in the trench and the hurry that they should be in trying to get them on as it would mean they would be saved from the attack. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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