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How do two poets differ in the way they explore love?

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How do two poets differ in the way they explore love? By Dave Lacey The two poems I will be comparing are Love Is... by Adrian Henri and Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare. I will be looking at the language used in both of the poems use as well as the structure and message/imagery the writers are trying to put forward. The first poem I will be analysing is Love Is... by Adrian Henri. The poem has an AAA,BBB,CCC,DDD,EEE rhyme scheme and the structure is three lines then a fourth which are the words 'love is' which could mean that Adrian Henri is trying to say that love is just love or that love is just always there in any shape or form. The first line says 'love is feeling cold in the back of vans' and the third line says 'love is walking holding paintstained hands'. Here he is trying to get across that love is not just what you feel for one another but doing things together and helping each other through the thick and thin of it, or he might be trying to say that love is once again everywhere including where you work whether you a builder or a solicitor you can still find love in the work place, or maybe even both of the suggestions and that what he writes has a double meaning. ...read more.


What makes me think this is because the fourth stanza says 'love is white panties lying all forlorn, Love is pink nightdresses still slightly warm, Love is when you have to leave at dawn'. From this you get the impression that it is a one night stand or that it is about a couple who one of them has to leave early in the morning for work. Finally the fifth stanza is about what love feels like and how it is always there keeping a couple together and how that you always feel love for someone even though that they may not be there. 'Love is you and love is me, Love is prison and love is free, Love's what's there when you are away from me' these are the line from the poem and you can see that Adrian Henri wants to get the point across that love is there no matter what. On the second line of the poem when it refers to loves is a prison I think that he is suggesting that love keeps you and the person you love 'locked together' and that the love one another feels for each other will not escape. When he refers to love is free I think that he means that after something bad has happened to you love can be the thing that can help you move on. ...read more.


And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare As any she belied by false compare.' You can tell that this poem has come from Shakespeare's heart and is written as if he was speaking to someone about his mistress. What suggests this is that he says my mistress's and then follows on which if he was speaking to her he would you said you instead. You can also tell that this has come from Shakespeare's heart because in the last four lines he writes how much he loves her for all the things she is including things that others might see as imperfections. On first impressions of this poem the sonnet seemed to flow when reading it, despite in some cases four lines making up one sentence although, the included punctuation appears to hide this. Overall Shakespeare focuses on a love of an object in this case a person rather than the way that love feels and that he loves a real women with a true image shown not a fake women with all imperfection hidden. So to conclude overall the way the two poets Adrian Henri and William Shakespeare differ in the way they explore love is that Adrian Henri focuses on how love feels and William Shakespeare focussing on the love a person in this case the love of his mistress. ...read more.

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