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How Does Casino Royale and Mission Impossible Reinforce the Common Perception of Espionage as Glamorous?

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How Does Casino Royale and Mission Impossible Reinforce the Common Perception of Espionage as Glamorous? As a nation we are infatuated with what goes on in other peoples lives regardless to if they want us to know or not. As an example we can't walk down the street without seeing some celebrity magazine or some article exposing a corrupt politician, we can't watch TV without the news for more then six hours. We have this constant bombardment every hour of every day, and it seems that we can't live without it. Would some people be able to cope if they didn't know what Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing today or what happened in the football? As a nation I believe we are addicts to the media, no matter how much we have to pay for it we'll get it. Think to yourself if there has ever been a day during work that someone hasn't told you something about someone. We also have this culture in which we believe every thing the media says such as global warming or the bird flu, it seems we are scared to think anything other than what the media tells us. The blockbuster films James Bond: Casino Royale and Mission:Impossible (the first film) are globally renowned to be the best spy films in film history. ...read more.


How Brian De Palma used the lighting on the canal front as the man got stabbed through the gate was brilliant as most of his face was concealed, he was still a little bit visible, and so adding a sense of mystery to the scene. I believe the small extract of Mission:Impossible that I saw had a good balance of being glamorous and yet the camera angles still made me feel like the gritty and dangerous job it is. I do believe the use of the ear receiver which the characters use to communicate with each other and the glasses with the camera in gave a glamorous fell to the film as well as the girls saying "I have nothing to wear", I believe this line portrays women like they have to look good for the men and to be a distraction to their enemies, they also have enough money to buy a new outfit every time they go out. In the opening scene you can tell it is a spy film almost straight away, as the writing and the location gave it away. Kiev is near Russia, in which the whole conception of the Cold War began. Also the use of Russian dialect in the opening scene reinforces my view. ...read more.


Bond is wearing black, which is a good colour for keeping out of sight during the darker hours of the day. I believe James Bond has been portrayed as very glamorous in the past with actors such as Sean Connery and Roger Moore, but now Martin Campbell has decided to throw a new more real Bond at us with less gadgets and more gritty reality, this is to throw us away from the common perception of spies being glamorous, and to wean us off our addiction to the media. Martin Campbell also over dramatised the bathroom to make it feel like you're in the bathroom with them watching Bond assault this man. I have come to the conclusion that Casino Royale reinforces the common perception of spies being glamorous by the physicality of Daniel Craig. The explosion in the embassy adds to my point before because Bond sets it off without thinking twice and without having to have any consequences, but there isn't enough gadgets in the film, compared to Mission:Impossible. Mission:Impossible is in every way glamorous, the big explosion of the car and Jim falling of the bridge are all over dramatised deaths to capture the viewer's imagination. Overall I think spies are portrayed as glamorous but in the film industry, especially in Mission:Impossible but now there is a bigger calling for more realistic spy movies, for the viewer to embrace the real work that these dark and mysterious people do on a daily basis. ...read more.

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