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How does Kevin Brooks portray power relations in at least 4 key scenes in the novel "Martyn Pig"?

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How does Kevin brooks portray power relations in at least 4 key scenes in the novel Martyn Pig. Power relationships play a key role in the book Martyn Pig by Kevin Brooks. Power is a term given when a person has control over the other person and a relationship is a term given when there?s a accepting between two people, when put together we can understand that the term ?power relations? is when a character in this book uses power to control a relationship. Martyn Pig in an eleven year old whose life isn?t really the best at the time and it?s about to get worse as it takes an unforeseen twist after an accident that takes place which will leave young Martyn to lead a life full of deception, disloyalty and doubtfulness on a daily basis. I will be focusing on how Martyn?s power is being fluctuated throughout the book as he confronts various characters whom of which have different relationships with Martyn. The four scenes I will be analysing the ?Bottle Bank? scene, the killing scene, the first confrontation between Dean and Martyn, the second confrontation between Dean and Martyn and finally the scene where Alex the Assassin gets exposed. ...read more.


Therefore he decides to be the bigger man by keeping it in his mind and not risk being a victim of his father?s violent mind state which creates an impression to the reader that Martyn?s intellect is more overpowering than of his fathers. As we move onto the Killing scene we begin to notice that Martyn?s powers have advanced and it now seems that Martyn has the ultimate control for the moment, which is a first in the book. This gain of power is triggered by an outburst Martyn had with his father in which Martyn had said ?For God?s sake, Dad just shut up! It?s not funny, it?s pathetic. You?re pathetic. Why can?t you let me watch the bloody television for once?? As readers we are normally subjected to be shown Martyn thoughts through internal monologues as he normally kept his feelings confined within himself. The reader can visualize Martyn shouting at his father due to the exclamation marks added in which adds fire to the exceeding power Martyn is getting but for now this isn?t Physical power, it?s filtered out as verbal power. The snappy short sentences show great effectiveness as they represent anger being vented out with pauses in which Martyn doesn?t seem to be interrupted by his father (this shows the great power Martyn has elevated into which lets him control the situation swiftly). ...read more.


Despite the fact that Dean has full control in the first confrontation between the pair, it was all about to change in Thursday as it was now Martyn that was in control of the situation. Dean tries to regain power by making the following threat ?Do you understand Pig? No money, no type. If I don?t get the money ? he tapped the tape ? this goes to the Police? A dash is added to cause a dramatic effect, but not even this attempt to create tension could make the ball swing in deans court. Ironically dean tries to dumb it down for Martyn who is probably has the most intellect out of the pair. Dean had thought that it would be a walk in the park to capture the money from Martyn but it hasn?t exactly been like this. As readers we are relieved that Martyn has taken some of the burden of his shoulder. During the course of the book we can understand that no one has really maintained their power that they had for a long period of time, it had only lasted for a particular scene and had then be lost. What I have learnt from this book is that you shouldn?t follow someone blindly and that it?s normally the person that is most close to you that would cause you the most pain ...read more.

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