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How does Mercutio affect the audience in the play Romeo and Juliet

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What contribution does Mercutio make to the play "Romeo and Juliet" and what impact he has on the audience? The play "Romeo and Juliet" was written between 1589 and 1595. Mercutio was a key character in the play and all of the audience enjoyed Mercutio's scenes. The rudeness appealed to the groundlings and the word play appealed to the more educated. When we fist see Mercutio we know straight away he is witty and clever. He joins Romeo, his good friend, and they exchange puns. A pun is a play on a word sounding like another. For example Mercutio says "you are a lover borrow Cupids' wings and soar with them above common bound." Romeo replies by saying "I am to sore empierced with his shaft." The pun being on soar and sore. The audience likes Mercutio because he is lively and funny, he is the opposite of Romeo because Romero is unhappy and Mercutio lightens up the mood of the play. ...read more.


He gives the impression that he is jealous of Romeo and Rosaline because Mercutio has never loved or been loved by anyone. Mercutio may be jealous because Romeo spends his time moping over Rosaline and not with his friends. When Romeo meets Mercutio after the party he has arranged his wedding, in act 2 scene 4, Mercutio is talking to Benvolio, as an audience we see a different side with Romeo and Mercutio is delighted to see Romeo happy. Mercutio Starts joking to Romeo about what he got up to the previous night with Rosaline. Mercutio keeps talking about Romeo's sexual activities and still has no idea he has fallen in love with Juliet. Mercutio and Romeo join in a session of sexual banter; Romeo says "my pump is well flowered". When Romeo says "my pump' he is referring to his penis. ...read more.


Before Mercutio dies he curses both the Capulet family and the Montague family, he says "a plague on both your houses". In Lurhman's film he makes Mercutio's death dramatic by playing intense music and a storm appears, the storm could have been due to Mercutio's curse. Mercutio plagues both houses three times; some believe this is the cause of the tragic end to the play. When Mercutio dies the play becomes more serious and the laughter and fun disappears. The Shakespearean audience liked the action and insults but they would also feel sad as one of their favourite characters dies. In conclusion I have noticed Mercutio make a great impression on the audience from the fist time he enters the stage. His rude banter would make the audience laugh and clever puns would appeal the upper class. His death is very dramatic because he blames both the Capulet and Montague family for his death. This leads to the tragic end to the play. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ben Smith ...read more.

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