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How does Willy Russell represent Frank and Rita in act 1 scene 1 in Educating Rita.

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How does Willy Russell represent Frank and Rita in act 1 scene 1 in Educating Rita The play Educating Rita was written in the 1980s by Willy Russell. The play is about Rita who is poor working glass girl. She lives on a council estate in Liverpool with her partner Denny. Rita has no education. It was believed back then, that only the rich could go to university. And the poor should just settle down and have a baby. It was also believed that the Open University degrees were a lot less prestigious than a normal degree " degrees for dishwashers" as Rita points out to Frank. The opening scenes in a play are very important because it introduces us to all the main characters. It lets us know a little about the background of the characters. It also introduces some of the main themes for the play. But the thing that is most important is that it has to be interesting. The play starts off with Frank on the phone, we presume it is his wife or girlfriend because he tells her she shouldn't of prepared tea because he ...read more.


We can see straight away that Russell has shown that Rita uses a lot of slang words where as Frank speaks with Standard English. Frank asks Rita why her application letter is signed miss S.White and she reveals that her name is Susan and she calls her self Rita after Rita Mae Brown who wrote Rubyfruitjungle, this shows that Rita is insecure. Rubyfruitjungle is considered not literature. Rita contradicts herself because she takes the Mickey out of people who speak with a posh accent and then later on in the play she speaks with a posh accent and she says to Frank: "Trish says why speak beautiful literature with a horrible voice". Right at the end of act 1 scene 1 Frank tell Rita he doesn't want to teach her and Rita "Wait a minute listen to me, im on this course, you're my teacher and your gonna bleedin teach me". "There are other teachers". "You're my tutor. I don't want another tutor". This shows that Rita has taken a liking to Frank right from the start. ...read more.


There relationship rocks at this point and Rita stops going to Frank's tutorials. She thinks she is complete now that she is educated and she thinks she will be happy just cause she has an education. But this is very wrong and she finds out when Trish her best friend tries to commit suicide. Rita always thought that Trish had every thing she wanted, she was educated and had a good job. This showed Rita that an education doesn't bring happiness. All the way through the play we think Rita and Frank are going to get together and become an item, we think this up to the very last scene where Frank moves to Australia to write poetry. Russell keeps us thinking that they are going to get together so we stay interested in the play and we are disappointed when they don't, because every one likes a happy ending. After he tells Rita that he is moving to Australia she says "Im going to take years of you" we think this is going to be a sexual act but she just gives him a haircut. ...read more.

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