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How has Macbeth changed over the course of the play? What influences have effected these changes?

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How has Macbeth changed over the course of the play? What influences have effected these changes? Macbeth has changed in many ways during the course of the play. He is seen as a hero, respected and a noble warrior to the people and the audience at the beginning. Towards the end we see that he has become a twisted, evil, devious and cruel character. His downfall resulted from his ambitious nature and the influences of his wife and the witches. As stated, Macbeth is seen as a hero and a person people aspire to be. He is respected by the king and by the people around him. 'But all's too weak, for brave Macbeth well he deservers the name' The captain praises Macbeth for his brave effects to the king for wining the war. The audience can further see Macbeth loyalty and devotion to the king, along his heroic actions from the above line. After being crowned the Thane of Glamis, he is confronted by the witches on the lonely noon. The witches tell him about the future they have foreseen, which makes Macbeth more curious and wanting to know more. ...read more.


He say's "Stars, hide your fires, Let not light see my black and deep desires". This quote shows us that he does not want anyone to see his deep and dark desires. Lady Macbeth receives the letter from her husband informing her about the predictions made by the witches. He thinks of all the reasons to kill and not to kill the king and decides not to kill the king because he is the King's Kingman and his loyal subject. "We will produced no further in this business" She fears that he is too loyal to kill Duncan and decides to use all her powers of persuasion to persuade him. ' Was the hope drunk'? 'Coward' Lady Macbeth calls him a coward and says that he is not a worthy of being a real man, if he does not go ahead with the murder. Macbeth downfall has started from this point on, Macbeth does not think logically and decides to go ahead with the murder. Lady Macbeth hardens herself for the murder. Lady Macbeth's manipulation and influence over her husband causes him to kill the King in cold blood. ...read more.


come against him" Macbeth is now very confident because he thinks it is impossible for Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane hill coming against him. He returns back to his castle. We can tell that he is now very confident by the way he speaks to the people around him, he does not think or discuss what he is going to do but just does it. Lady Macbeth thinks that the ghost of Banque will come back and hunt her, just like it haunted her husband. In this time Lady Macbeth dies. Macbeth hears the news about Lady Macbeth's death and says that she should have died hereafter. He does not cry or feel sorry because he has no time for her. He awaits Macduff arrival. "She should have died hereafter" Macduff eventually kills Macbeth. The downfall of Macbeth could have been prevented in many ways such as him being patient. Banque heard the same predictions from the witches as Macbeth, yet he decided to wait. Although Macbeth was influenced in many ways, he could have prevented this by not being ambitions, power hungry, selfish and greedy. Mecbeth coursework Akif Mehr 10K5 1 ...read more.

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