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How I Met Your Mother

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How I Met Her It was sometime in 1968. I was happily on my way back to my house after successfully proposing to my long-time girlfriend of 6 years. I felt happy; my thoughts then was' I was going to marry the woman of my life'. Nothing at that time could have spoiled my happiness. I thought wrong. I busied my thoughts with that of my girlfriend, of our soon-to-come wedding and more importantly, our future together. Too busy thinking those thoughts, I didn't realise the blind man in front of me. I accidentally collided with him, causing him to fall. At first, I felt annoyed. Annoyed with him for interrupting my happy thoughts and annoyed because I was in a rush, I couldn't wait to tell my parents about the acceptance of my proposal. ...read more.


He was blindly searching for his cane, and my feeling of sympathy overpowering that of anger made me carry him up to bring to the clinic to patch up his wounds. Somehow, I felt angry at the blind man. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have to learn of my fianc´┐Że's cheating. I didn't need to know; I would have been happy not knowing and we could have gotten married without me ever acknowledging of her unfaithfulness. 6 years of my time wasted on the wrong girl. I bit back words of contempt besides my stammering rage. However, later, I realised that I forgot to give the blind man his cane. Asking for the blind man to wait up at the clinic, I went in search of the cane that was left at the street where we collided. ...read more.


However, a few days later, while I walking my dog at the park, I accidentally let go of my dog's leash. Dogeez, my dog, ran away towards the fountain in the middle of the park, probably thirsty from all the walking. Then, I saw her. The woman who helped me crossed the road. The woman who was on my thoughts all day. I was surprised to see her for I never expected to see her ever again. I took the chance to chat with her, getting to know her a little deeper. On that day, we exchanged numbers and our relationship took off from that point. I feel really blessed. Today, we are a happy married couple. I thought the encounter with the blind man was something of a misfortune but it turned out to be my luck instead. I am forever grateful. ...read more.

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