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How important is the setting in the short stories you have read?

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In this assignment I will analyse 5 short stories, which are all pre 1914. These are - 'The man with the twisted lip', by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 'The Red Room', by H.G Wells, 'The Signalman', by Charles Dickens, 'A Terribly Strange Bed,' by Wilkie Collins and 'The Ostler', also by Wilkie Collins. The stories all have an exterior location. For example, in the Red Room, the corridors on the way to The Red Room. The language H.G Wells uses, such as 'haunted', 'darkness' and 'shadowy' create a feeling of tension and suspense. This is even before you have reached the main setting. Compared to The Signalman, the way the settings are portrayed, there is very little difference. Some of the words used by Charles Dickens, such as 'dark', 'gloomy red light' and 'cold'. ...read more.


The writer uses phrases such as 'suddenly went out', 'black shadow sprang back to its place' and 'darkness was there.' This excites the reader, and you want to read on. Also the writer uses short, sharp sentences to emphasise the panic and terror, which the character is feeling. Also the sub characters help to portray the eeriness of the story. In The Red Room, there is a man with a 'withered arm', and another with 'decaying yellow teeth'. To the reader this is a very unpleasant and sickening thought. The people who spread the myth of The Red Room help to give out a horrific feeling to the story. In The man with the twisted lip, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle describes the people in the opium den as 'bodies', not as people. ...read more.


Holmes replied. With them being partners, you would have expected them to know what each other was doing. All of the stories were pre 1914, and appealed to a contemporary audience, such as The Signalman. In the 1860's the railway was a new invention, and for Charles Dickens to use this, mixing it with supernatural activities, was for a contemporary audience. Also The man with the twisted lip, written in 1891, the author chose to base the story in the same streets which were used by Jack The Ripper in 1888. This therefore would have appealed to contemporary audience, rather than an audience of this time. To conclude, I believe that all of the authors were successful in bringing suspense to the storyline. They did this by using the words in the right places and the right times. Also the words that they chose, all add up to making each story exceptional at what it was trying to accomplish. David Pollard English coursework Mr Eyre ...read more.

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