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How Love is Presented Through Media and Music

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Poetry Coursework. Natasha Hannaway 10/04/01 How Love is Presented Through Media and Music Love has always been presented as a glamarous dream in music and media for years, For example films such as 'Romeo and Juliet,' and 'Titanic,' etc...show how love is important and that it is worth more than anything else.Songs such as 'Iris,' by the 'Goo Goo Dolls,' uses such lines as 'I dont want the world to see me because i dont think that they'd understand when everythings made to be broken i just want you to know who I am,' and other songs by people like 'Eric Clapton,Tears in heaven,' show other types of love felt for different people.Love is not always portrayed in its true colours,it always shows us how great love would be and how happy you are in love.But through poetry we see truely how love is and how it isn't always a good thing to have. I have chosen four different poems to contrast how different love is to other people. ...read more.


poem because there is no sadness in it at all.He doesn't feel like he needs to miss her or ever forget about herbecause it says'Bird that calls my name,Insists that she is here,Andnothing left to fear'.The poet expresses his feelings in the poem from the way he describes nature practically being her.He says, 'Her spirit sets the water pipes a-humming, Fat lektronic forces be with ya sound'This gives you an image of music coming through the water pipes in a house making a sweet sound just like his wife used to do.It indirectly talks about how the animals remind him of his wife because his wife cared so much for animals and they cause no harm just like her. *'Love poem untitled' This poem is quite different from any other love poem.it describes the different types of love you can expereince for different people in your lifeHe never uses the word love butyou get an idea of what he is talking about.He talks about lust,freindship and heart felt love. ...read more.


can't bear to let her go.He says'I'll make amends',Which could mean he has either done something to hurt her or is just blindly blaming himself for the break up.But they both want to be friends.Although he cant let her go he says'I wont make a scene,Wont cry,If you'll do just one thing,Dont say goodbye'.which shows his love is still strong.She uses similes she says'My heart beats like a toneless gong'.But he doesnt use any similies his language is plain and simple but straight to the point .Her speech has more images and sounds ,But his makes you feel sympathetic towards him,This is because he talks about how much he wont be able to be without her and about how he wants them to be friends as well as lovers. My conclusion is that to me 'First love' by mick gower was the most interesting.It is easy to relate to and you felt more for the people in the poem.It also had good images and was easy to understand.It's also because it shows you how easy it is to find love and lose it just as easy. ...read more.

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