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How Responsible Was Friar Lawrence For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet

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How Responsible Was Friar Lawrence For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet? Romeo and Juliet a tragedy-play by William Shakespeare, tells the sad and heart-rendering tale of two lovers - mainly Romeo and Juliet, which there families are engaged in a perpetual and ever wondering feud - that makes it impossible for Romeo and Juliet to be peaceably united. However, in deepest of love they nevertheless marry. The consequences that are destined to follow lead to a violent and bloody outcome, for which circumstances, more than the action of one character-would seem to be responsible. However, circumstances do not exactly happen by chance; as often as not they require human intervention- and exactly 'that' within the case in this story. Although none of the characters of the two camps of the Montagues and Capulets are by any means blameless, the single character whose marked intervention steers the plot, that invariably becomes tragedy, is the priest, friar Laurence. So exactly how responsible is he, for the eventual death of Romeo and Juliet? ...read more.


A serious of unlucky accidents has not only frustrated his plans but also seen them end in tragedy. But ironically, that tragedy chose to be the means in bringing about the two families, who are left soon grief stricken and ashamed of their hate that brought it about. Amongst all feuding fraction, Friar Lawrence as priest was the single do-gooder who wished only well to all. As a holy man with a reputation to uphold, he was trusted, kind and well respected. His influence on events was therefore a curious one for despite his expression of good will he was power less of the face of the intense hate that the raged between the Montagues and the Capuletes; he could not uniquely use any influence to bring about a peaceful understanding between them - no one could do that - so plying a positive rule required him to accept the unhelpfulness of it all and operate alongside it. His well - meaning involvement was thereby from the start, fraught with risk. ...read more.


The argument itself could never shed the guilt that cast its dark shadow over events; its stain, in blood, was always to the fore. And it was going to be those who 'dared defy,' who's blood would be first to spill in-as-much, the arguments itself must stand trial as avalanche that gave rise to the disorder; poison; anger; hate, hostility and violence that erupted so senselessly and with such tragic consequence. The strength of hate knows no boundary. In putting wits against such force. Friar Lawrence proved destined to fail. But the deaths of Romeo and Juliet in end brought the Montagues and Capulets to their senses. And the Friar who is revealed at the end as a nervous man who runs away leaving Juliet alone in the tomb - can be none-the-less to have played a vital role in bringing both families to there senses. Against the background of all this, so the role of friear Lawrence can be more fairly judged. Yes, his plans did backfire, but if fate had moved differently then just maybe we might instead be now applauding him as the hero. ...read more.

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