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How The Poems I Am Very Bothered and Poem Compare

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How Does Simon Armitage Bring Characters to Life in His Poetry? In "I am very bothered" and "Poem" Simon Armitage brings his characters to life by describing the mood and tone. He also structures both poems well and uses rhyme and rhythm to keep it interesting and to emphasise the point of his poems, especially in "I am very bothered". In both poems the number of lines per verse decreases. This means the later verses have all the information compacted into less sentences. This makes the last verse more interesting and allows the poem to end on a high note. At first glance it seems that neither poems have much structure. This is true for "I am very bothered" but not for "Poem". ...read more.


This makes the poem seem judgemental. The last verse is written in the past tense, making the poem seem slightly morbid, "Here's how they rated him when they looked back: sometimes he did this, sometimes he did that. " This makes it seem like the man in the poem is dead and the poem is being recited at his funeral. In "I am very bothered" Armitage uses iconic love poem language to set the mood for a love poem, "naked lilac flame", "O the unrivalled". After thinking it will end nicely he uses language to make the boy seem slightly psychopathic, "O the unrivalled stench of branded skin". ...read more.


There are also other signs of this. For example, "two burning rings" could symbolise the real rings used in marriages and "for eternity" is suggesting that the marks are everlasting, just like the bond of marriage. Another sign the boy is in love with the girl is the way he describes the bunsen's flame. "Naked lilac flame" makes it seem romantic when you could describe it as just an orange flame. In conclusion, Simon Armitage makes his characters come to life by using a verity of poetic techniques that relate to what the themes of the poems are. He creates images in our heads of the situations they are in and describes their feelings to tell us what they are thinking. Liam Queally 9 Thorne ...read more.

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