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How would you perform the role of 'either' Audrey 'or' John in Scene 16? You will need to refer to what acting techniques you would use and how you would want your audience to respond to your performance.

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How would you perform the role of 'either' Audrey 'or' John in Scene 16? You will need to refer to what acting techniques you would use and how you would want your audience to respond to your performance. Before we go into this scene we already know that the children have just ran in fear and panic into a hollow after hearing sirens and seeing a figure in the distance come at them. The five of them (Peter, John, Willie, Angela and Audrey) all plunge for safety into a natural, grassy, scooped-out hollow in the midst of the trees. They are huddled together and scared. Now if I was to play Audrey I'd start off in the centre huddled up with the rest of the gang, but I'd end up outside the huddle, been pushed out and end up further down stage than the rest of the children this shows that I am independent but at the same time it also shows that I am an outcast and maybe non of the gang likes me as much as my adversary Angela. ...read more.


Id then move in closer to the guys and deliver my line "your not frightened are you?" as if I'm going to make them feel not frightened and to help them get over their fears by offering myself as a cushion to them. My next big moment as a character/performer would be when Peter arrives as all my focus and contact would go straight onto him, as if Angela and John's relationship is at a high then I need to get my relationship with someone just as big and as flirtatious as Angela and John and who better than Johns rival Peter. This is how I'd perform Audrey in the first half of the play. When I say "Did he?" to John my attention would go from Peter to John as Peter is becoming more scared in my eyes and John is coming more of a blood thirsty animal like me as he says "Slit their throats" as we all know Audrey likes blood and more boy stuff like being all dirty and muddy unlike Angela, so when John mentions ...read more.


Audrey throughout this play needs attention so to do this I would have a prop, and I'd choose a dirty hanky. I'd choose this because a hanky is a class piece of material which Audrey tries to be but its dirty so this gives the audience a clear view of a "Jekyll and Hyde" in Audrey, as she can be classy like a clean hanky but the hanky is dirty so she can be evil and heartless to people around her. The way I'd use this prop is by a simple flick of the wrist to gain the boys attention and if that dint work I'd just drop it next to them and hope they'd pick it up and pass it to me so I could have a nice easy way to make eye contact with the boys which will then able me to gain status and attention by people I want. Overall I'd play her as a cheeky mischievous fun loving girl who likes a hit of fun within that. Luke Armitage 11Y - 1 - ...read more.

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