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I am going to compare the portrayal of two mothers. One, Widow Saverini, whom features in 'A Vendetta' and the other, Sophy, whom features in 'The Sons Veto.'

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I am going to compare the portrayal of two mothers. One, Widow Saverini, whom features in 'A Vendetta' and the other, Sophy, whom features in 'The Sons Veto.' A Vendetta, by Guy de Maupassant, is a short story which was written in the Nineteenth Century. This story tells us of a mother's loyalty to her son after he is brutally murdered. This story is set in Corsica, which is a small fishing community, which lies just off the coast of Italy. The widow Saverini swears to her dead son that she will avenge him but she has no one to carry out the vendetta on her behalf. The widow Saverini 'shed no tears' when her son died but instead 'stood there motionless for a long while. Another important aspect of the story is the deceased son's dog. Whilst the widow Saverini stood motionless the dog seemed to be grieving itself by howling. The dog only stopped howling when the widow Saverini started talking to her deceased son. The widow 'shut herself up' and was very isolated for a while with her son's dog. After the body was buried the widow Saverini's son, Antoine Saverini, was soon forgotten. ...read more.


Also Sophy is bound to a wheelchair. We find out how she had been confined to a wheelchair later on in the story. Also the first part of the story shows us how subservient she is to her son Randolph. Randolph corrects his mother and seems embarrassed of his mother's lack of education. For example, ''Has, dear mother - not have!' The first part of the story takes us back to Sophys past. At this point in the story we see how confident Sophy is. 'Why, Sam, how you can be so fast! This shows us how confident Sophy is and how she is a bit flirty with Sam. Here Sophy seems spirited, confident, assertive and in control. Also here, when Sam asks to marry Sophy, she acts as if she is not ready to marry yet but is not against the idea. Here Sophy is confident but we see her confidence deteriorate after she is bound to a wheelchair. After her accident Sophy initially shows a sense of responsibility and offers to resign because she is no longer able to do her job but says she could still be independent and be a seamstress. ...read more.


She lets Randolph dictate her and he doesn't let her free. She does this because she believes that she can only be a good mother by having a sense of duty towards her son and her late husband. Widow Saverini shows her love in a completely different way. She shows her love by avenging her son's murder. When she decides what she is going to do she won't let anything get in the way. She is single minded. The Widow Saverini had nothing to lose. She is mad with grief and wont sleep until the 'vendetta' is carried out. It seems like an old woman like Saverini wouldn't be as cold-blooded as this but she feels she owes a debt of honour. I sympathise with both widows, but especially Sophy who didn't succeed in marrying Sam because of her selfish son. I admire the way in which Widow Saverini overcame her obstacles, such as her age. Widow Saverini is a strong woman whilst Sophy is easily manipulated. Overall, I prefer 'A Vendetta' because I admire the fact that the Widow Saverini avenged her son against all odds. Also I like the descriptions, by Guy de Maupassant, of Sardinia at the start of the story. 1 English Coursework. 2nd Draft Alex Dalton 10 R ...read more.

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