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I am writing to apply for the job of director in the new production of Blood Brother.

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27 January 2003 Director of Blood Brothers Ocean Theatre Trinity Road London HX1 2RG Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing to apply for the job of director in the new production of Blood Brother. I feel I would be perfect for this position because I can make the play more exciting and attract the audience's attention. I can also help the actresses on their weak points and attract them to the play as well. Blood Brother is set in London in the 1950s. The play is all about a mother of seven children, who has twins. The mother cannot cope, so therefore she gives one of them away to Mrs Lyons, a lady who the mother cleans for. The Blood Brothers first meet in a park at the age of eight and become Blood Brothers. In the end Mickey and Eddie find out that they are real brothers, but end up dying for knowing when Mrs Lyons shoots them both. The upbringing of the two brothers is no way similar. Mickey was brought up in a council estate by his mother. ...read more.


Mickey was also friendly but used strong language to express himself and spoke using slang. When they first meet they become Blood Brothers because they have the same date of birth. At the age of eighteen Mickey and Eddie go their separate ways. Mickey and Linda finally start dating and Edward goes to University. Mickey hated his job, but when the factory he worked for went out of business he is angry and upset because he cannot find another job. When Edward comes back from University, Mickey is very angry with him and thinks Edward abandoned him. The audience would most sympathise with Mickey because of the way he is acting in the play. He is angry and surprised because he cannot believe Edward had helped him to get a house and a new job. Mickey felt ashamed of himself, because he believed he had worked hard for Linda and himself and earned his work. Mickey also believed Edward had helped him because he is also in love with Linda. In act 5, scene 5 the whole stage would be in complete silence and a white light will shine on Mickey and Eddie to show tension. ...read more.


Edward would be more shocked because he has been driven away from him real family, to live with someone else for twenty years. Mrs Lyons then rushes into the room with anger and shoots Edward accidentally. She then looks at Edward in disbelief and then immediately shoots Mickey. The blood from both brothers splatters on the mothers face, as she falls on her knees, crying and screaming in agony. When the last gunshot is fired, the whole stage is silent and all you can hear is the bullet, shooting through Mickey's chest and screaming in agony, as he falls chest first onto the ground with both his hands on his chest. As the curtains fall there will be a violin playing tragedy music, as both mothers fall on their knees, crying as both brothers lay dead and the curtains slowly fall. When the audience leaves the theatre I would want them to be shocked and saddened because they did not know, both brothers were going to die in the end. What I think Willy Russell was trying to say in his play is that you should never give your children away because they are your flesh and blood, but if you do their will always be consequences. 1 ...read more.

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