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I grew up today

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I grew up today. Nine years have passed, and I'm older now, more understanding of the trifles this world of ours has. I understand that there is hate in the world, but what I do not understand, nor do I think I'll ever understand, is why people act on that hate. One would think that no good would come to you - or anyone, for that matter - from actions conceived in hatred. But then, it's just human nature...isn't it? I remember very little about the attack, and what I do know I only know by my own limited research. But I remember that Momma was upset when she told me that bad people had done very bad things. ...read more.


But I suppose that someone who seems incapable of hating anyone - save for those directly responsible for the attack - will never fully understand hatred. Maybe I'm still a bit na�ve, but I suppose that that too is only human nature. Humans - as a whole - are na�ve, especially when it comes to violence. Daddy always told me that if someone were ever to hit me, I was to hit them back and defend myself. Perhaps it's just bias, but I agree whole-heartedly with him. True, violence is not the answer - and I, myself, am more of a pacifist than anything - but when someone "hits" you, I believe that it is not only your right to hit them back, but that you owe it to yourself. ...read more.


But I suppose things like that come with age. And now I sit here - nine years later - reflecting upon how much I have changed, how much our nation has changed and I've come to the realization that no matter how much we change...September 11, 2001 will always haunt us, always remind us that the freedom we take for-granted isn't as free as we think. Somewhere, someone will always be fighting for us. And I think today of all days is the one day we all should just take a moment to think on that and whisper a quiet "Thank you" because I think that someone somewhere might just hear us and know that we haven't forgotten. I didn't know then - those nine years ago, but I know now. I grew up today. ...read more.

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