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I think I knew that there wasnt something right, a sense of dj vu maybe? But I just tried to take it off my mind and get on with the day.

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Trapped. It felt like a normal winter morning. The pavements would be layered with snow, the freezing breeze would make you shiver, no matter how many layer of clothing you wear. The sound of walking on untouched grass, crunching beneath your feet. The smell of exhaust fumes filling the air, as people try to wake up their frozen cars. I got up out of my bed and put on a fitted navy suit and walked out the door to be greeted by my electric blue Renault Megane and headed for work. I think I knew that there wasn't something right, a sense of d�j� vu maybe? But I just tried to take it off my mind and get on with the day. Thinking it was just lack of sleep as I hadn't been sleeping well the past few nights. Nightmares. But, I tried to get on with what I thought would be a normal day. I stopped at a petrol station on the way to work. When I finished topping up my car with Diesel, I walked over to the shop to pay. Everything about this shopped screamed, get out as quickly as possible. ...read more.


"Because you have to move on and come to the other side with me" he responded. He sounded so tired as if he hadn't slept in weeks. "No...No I'm not going I'm staying here, I'm not dead" . "Maybe you'll change your mind after seeing this..." he answered, his words starting to fade just as he did, barely before they had left his mouth. Then after those words left my mouth, I was in the chapel I was baptized in this church I remember the d�cor, the scent of burning candles and the chill in the air even the priest was the same; nothing had changed, after all these years. Right now there was a ceremony taking place. It was a funeral for a man around my age, who died in hospital after a car accident. His father was in the car with him; he died on impact. His funeral was earlier this week. Then it dawned on me, how did I know this? I had avoided news channels since my father died. I put this out of my mind and started to pay more attention on the service. I started to realise that there was a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. ...read more.


Seeing the look in her eyes, could break anyone's heart. I then looked into my dad's eyes. What I saw in his eyes was something I hadn't saw in so long, I could barely remember it. It was the look of unconditional love and something else; him knowing that he was powerless and could not stop the inevitable. This was the most distressing thing. When the cars collided everything went blurry. I could no longer see any emotions in the young girls or my father's eyes. This was the dream. I had been having for the past few nights. At least I thought it was a dream. I was then back by the security gate leading to my workplace. With my dad standing next to me. What am I thinking? Am I seriously going to believe I'm dead? No, there is still a lot I haven't done yet. I'm too young. "Come with me?" said my dad. "To where?" "I don't know yet" "no...no...I can't I need to be here" "so you're just going to stay here when no one can see or hear you?" "Yes, I suppose I am". "Fine, but once you're ready to let go, let me no..." and then he was gone. Faded into the background. And now here I am. Stuck in the in-between. Not able to let go of my past. Trapped. ...read more.

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