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I wake up every morning with a shock, my mum knocking at the door and shouting,

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I wake up every morning with a shock, my mum knocking at the door and shouting, "Time for a shower." I'm always tired in the mornings and find getting up for a shower really horrible, though it does a good job of waking me up and after it I'm ready for another day at school. Well that is what I think but I usually end up in bed asleep right up until 7.45 am. Luckily I have usually packed my school stuff the night before. My house is quite big and there is lots of room to get away from the rest of my family. I have a computer in my room and I spend quite a lot of time on it. My mum often complains that she never sees me. Me being late does not stop me shouting at the rest of the family for being just as late, as I am very against being late for school. They got their own back when one time they snuck off to school without me while I was upstairs. ...read more.


It may seem strange that I eat my lunch at break but it takes so much time queuing at lunchtime just so I can sit down and eat some food that I would rather eat my packed lunch early freeing up time at lunch for other activities. The only downside to this is that you have lots of people surrounding you begging for food. Most people would probably just say "No", but I have real problems with saying "No" and more often than not half my food is devoured by these hungry beasts. Once break is finished I work until the real lunch time and then I hang around the common room or go to the library and do some homework. I always have an abundance of the stuff so lunchtimes provide a welcome time to get on with it. On Mondays and Wednesdays chapel follows lunchtime. I find it one of the most boring times of my life, I mean I believe in God and everything but I just don't see why I have to be crammed in between about 500 people and made to sit in the cold. ...read more.


This little piece of work is a good way of keeping more duties away. In the evening I usually watch a bit of TV or play games on the computer or browse the Internet looking for interesting things to waste my money on. Quite often I go on MSN a program, which allows me to talk to my friends who are also on the Internet. It is very popular with people at school and there are always lots of people to talk to. At about nine o'clock lots of my friends come on so lots of conversations start to spring up and it often takes a long while to answer them all. It is often quite interesting to talk to these people because you get to learn about secrets and opinions from one person you are talking to about another person you are talking too. At about ten o'clock I usually get prepared for bed pack my bag and get a cup of hot chocolate. I read for about an hour, I read fantasy books like The Lord Of the Rings by JR Tolkein or The Amber Spy Glass by Phillip Pullman. Reading books helps me relax and get away from the seriousness of life. Then its time to sleep before another day..... William Thomas ...read more.

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