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I was involved in a terrible plane crash over the sea on my way to the paradise of Hawaii and being lucky enough to survive, I spent 5 years of my life stranded on a desert island, all alone.

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As you know, I was involved in a terrible plane crash over the sea on my way to the paradise of Hawaii and being lucky enough to survive, I spent 5 years of my life stranded on a desert island, all alone. Now its time for me to tell the full story of what happened to me in those 5 years of loneliness to the press. I was sitting in my seat on the plane, excited about the exotic holiday I had won to Hawaii and planning my holiday. First I decided, I was going to drop all my luggage off at the 5 star hotel I was going to be staying at. After that I was going for a swim in the hotel pool. Then in the evening I planned to go for a walk on the white sandy beach and then on into the town to have a look around and perhaps have a meal in one of the local restaurants. more.


After swimming for a while, I saw that I was approaching that small island, I also noticed that it was very beautiful. I looked back at the burning wreck of the plane and it gave me some motivation to keep swimming. Soon I found that my feet were touching the sandy seabed so I waded up to the island, dragging my hand luggage along with me. I walked a little way up the white sandy beach and collapsed on the floor. I must've slept for a few hours at least and it was a bit of a shock when I woke up on the sands. It took me a while to remember how I got there but after I had done so, and remembering looking back at the burning wreck of the plane, I thought how lucky I was to have survived. It was then that I realised I must've been the only survivor, I was very grateful but I was so alone. more.


I decided against killing the pigs because it would be a waste as I could not eat a whole pig and could not keep the meat once it was killed. So for next 5 years my diet was fruit and fish, I killed the fish by stabbing them with the spear I made out of the a thin tree branch with my scissors tied to the end with some twine made from tree bark. I had to make a home for myself, I did this by cutting down some branches off trees with the rusty knife that I had found when first exploring the island, which I had sharpened on a stone. I formed the branches into an igloo style house and covering this with big palm tree leaves, which I strapped down with tree bark. On the 2nd day, I decided to go for a walk round the island on the beach to see how big it was and whether anyone else may be living on the island and also to find any other sources of food. I found that the island was only small and that it was shaped like a 'C' more.

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