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In my poetry coursework I am going to look at three different ballad forms and the way which the poets have used them to portray ideas and emotions throughout history.Tyburn Fair, the ballad of Ned Ludd, Clever Tom Clinch going to be Hanged

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In my poetry coursework I am going to look at three different ballad forms and the way which the poets have used them to portray ideas and emotions throughout history. A ballad is a poem; there are three main types, folk, literary and broadside. In my essay I will discuss the differences between the three types and compare then in detail. The first type of ballad is broadside, this type consists of topical or controversial issues and came about in the time of the industrial revolution. They could be described as tabloids by people today because they were talked about a lot, this was also a good way to create propaganda too since the broadside ballads were printed on one side of paper so many people could have a copy of them and they could be distributed easily. For example, in the ballad 'Tyburn Fair, the ballad of Ned Ludd' the topical issue is the industrial revolution. The second broadside ballad I have studied is 'Clever Tom Clinch going to be Hanged', this has the topical issue of public hanging in the time before the industrial revolution. A broadside ballad also has simple lexis and a strong rhythm and rhyme so it could be passed around, especially useful when used as a form of propaganda. Propaganda is where individuals are possibly forced to believe in something they may not have thought of. ...read more.


'The Highway Man' was written in 1906 by a poet called Alfred Noyes. This is the most modern ballad I have studied. The theme for this certain ballad is 'love'; there is romance between the highway man and Bess. The first thing that pops into readers minds about a highway man is mischievous, sly, a villain but at the same time a bit of a charmer because of the sort of job he participates in. The Highway Man gets a thrill and maybe an adrenaline rush out of his job and performing robberies, this is reflected in the expression of his eyes, the "jewelled twinkle". Another way the jewelled twinkle in his eyes could be interpreted is because he's looking forward to seeing Bess again. We, the readers get a detailed description of The Highway Man in stanza two. 'A French cocked-hat on his forehead, a bunch of lace at his chin, a coat of claret velvet, and breeches of brown doe-skin; they fitted with never a wrinkle; his boots were up to his thigh'. We see that The Highway Man is a smartly dressed man, although at first maybe the reader pictured him to be scruffy, ragged and an unattractive person, a stereotypical thief. The writer then describes Bess using the repetition of the word 'red', throughout the whole of the ballad we associate the colour red with a variety of feelings, love, hate, passion, death and anger. ...read more.


This is because a criminal such as this does not deserve the blessing of sacred ground. This stanza is talking about death which nobody enjoys to hear about. The ballad consists of four stanzas, two the same number of lines then one short and one long line, and this may be to aid memory. The writer of this ballad managed to get to the reader in the last stanza by using the dark language and I think that broadside ballads are a good way to get across different messages at that certain time many years ago The diverse ballads I have covered all convey various emotions and ideas to the reader through the use of language and poetical techniques. The ballad that stood out the most to me was "The Highway Man". I thought that the way Alfred Noyes wrote about Bess's love for the highway man worked well to create an emotional response in the reader due to the fact that she gave up her own life to save his. In the resolution to the poem, Noyes allows his characters to be together forever in spirit form, adding to that emotional response. The popularity of the ballad form remains today because of their versatility, it is possibly more commonly used by song writers in their creations. ?? ?? ?? ?? Greg. Richardson OCWL ...read more.

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