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In the 1930's John Steinbeck wrote the novel "Of Men and Mice". He wrote the book in the middle of the great American depression. During this great time of loss over 15 million people lost there jobs

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In the 1930's John Steinbeck wrote the novel "Of Men and Mice". He wrote the book in the middle of the great American depression. During this great time of loss over 15 million people lost there jobs and were made redundant. All these people were left to find whatever work they could, all with no income or government support such as benefits or social security. The health service was no longer on a work plan so people were suffering in their masses because they could not afford to pay the service costs. California at that time was quite a rich state so many flocked there to find work. "Of Men and Mice" is set in Salinas in California. Salinas is on the coast of California and is quite a fruitful county and a lot of people will have gone to work on the ranches there like Lennie and George. John Steinbeck wrote "Of Men and Mice" in a socialistic point of view to capture what was going on in these times. He captured what was going on around him and turned it into a novel of two men doing exactly what millions of others were doing at that time going from place to place, ranch to ranch. This is how millions lived for many years to come. ...read more.


George becomes quite friendly with Slim as he gives Lennie a pup." It wasn't nothing, said slim, I would of have to drown most of them anyways." I think George likes Slim because he can trust him and he accepts Lennie the way he is and doesn't question it much. Curley on the other hand is a very aggressive, insecure character and very protective over his wife whom of he is very jealous. We think that he cannot perform very well in the bedroom department and this is the cause of his aggression. We also back this up with the fact he wears a Vaseline filled glove presumably to pleasure his wife with that hand. Curley has a short fuse and snaps at every one who crosses his path. Curley speaks to Lennie but George answers. "By Christ he's gotta talk when he's spoken to. What the hell are you getting in this for?". Crooks is the black stable boy but is always referred to on the ranch as 'a nigger'. He is not accepted in the bunkhouse so has to sleep in a room on the side of a barn. He is physically unwell as he was kicked by a horse and now has a crooked back hence the name 'crooks'. He cannot do farm labour anymore and will probably die on the ranch. ...read more.


Maybe that's why Curleys got ants in his pants?" In chapter two Carlson brings up the 'smelly old dog'. The dog is Candy's oldest and best friend. They pressurise Candy into letting them shoot his dog and getting a pup off slim. Then Carlson shoots the dog and no one is bothered but Candy. This parallels with Candy's life because if he died everyone would just carry on and he would just be another person. But Candy's hope rises when he hears and joins George and Lennie's dream. You can tell you can trust Candy because when Lennie accidentally kills Curley's wife he only gets George so he can do something about it. Afterwards Candy pleads with George because he knows the dream is over. Candy's final word in the face of Curley's wife is 'poor bastard'. This could be used to all the characters on the ranch including himself because they are all poor and stuck in endless jobs. Candy is an important character in "Of Men and Mice" because he adds a sense of sorrow to the story in the way only a crippled, dyeing man could. The way he moves and talks makes it seem he's not got long left and nothing to live for until he hears George and Lennie's dream. If you left Candy out of the novel it would be a lot shorter because he is involved in most of the activities in the book john Steinbeck has written about. DEAN PENNINGTON 11.4 ...read more.

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