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In the poems, Composed on Westminster Bridge: Sept. 3, 1802 by William Wordsworth and London by William Blake, many naturist concepts and thoughts surrounding the landscape are used to present the poets ideas.

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In the two poems you have studied, compare the way the poet has used landscape/nature to present their viewpoint? In the poems, Composed on Westminster Bridge: Sept. 3, 1802 by William Wordsworth and London by William Blake, many naturist concepts and thoughts surrounding the landscape are used to present the poets ideas. The theme within both poems is based within London, describing how they feel about the city and what feelings they possess when looking upon the heart of England. Wordsworth tries to prove to the reader that London does not clash with nature, but becomes a part of it and his poem is celebrating London. This is done by Wordsworth personifying the city and by combining it with naturist ideas. Blake's viewpoint is the opposite of Wordsworth's, with London being seen as a London where everything has rules and boundaries. Wordsworth's argument seems biased and unrealistic, as he based his ideas of London on a pleasant July morning 'suffused with natural light,' which he passed through on his way to France. 'London's theme is more about the people of London and the conditions of the urban poor and their physical and spiritual misery. 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' however, is a more positive view of London and is more concerned with the buildings and view of London and most importantly it's effect on the writer ...read more.


Wordsworth also uses references to nature such as 'sky', 'fields' and 'air' this again reinforces the beauty of the scene Wordsworth's words are painting and keeps with the tranquil tone of the poem. He also uses imagery, but to a completely different effect, with a great deal of personification throughout the poem, such as the Earth being given a capital letter, which describes it as having the ability to 'show'. The sun is described as a 'he', which creates a powerful image, as does Wordsworth's description of the morning beauty, 'like a garment'. Wordsworth does not include aural imagery in his poem, unlike Blake, as he describes the beauty of the morning, 'silent' and 'bare'. This emphasises the calm feeling of the occasion. Blake on the other hand, uses continual references to sound such as 'cry' and 'curse', which also supports the idea that London's people are trapped and they express their frustration through explosions of sound. Much of the second stanza is full of aural imagery - the use of the word 'hear' invites the reader to be attentive to aural phrases such as the 'cry of every man' and an 'infant's cry of fear'. Repetition is the most striking formal feature of the poem, and it serves to emphasize the prevalence of the horrors the speaker describes. ...read more.


In conclusion these are two contrasting poems, which have a common theme in the form of London, whilst in two very different perspectives. 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge' is London at a specific moment in time whereas 'London' is more general. 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' is, as the title would suggest 'Composed' and the style and structure is complex and employs a number of techniques to create the desired effect and show the beauty of London as Wordsworth was looking at it. The poem has a quiet inspirational beauty that is created by the language and flowing structure of the poem. In comparison 'London' is of a far more simple structure and has less in terms of effect creating devices but the examples of metaphor and imagery for example are few but powerful. 'London' is a simple and effective poem which is expresses Blake's conditions of the urban poor, their physical and spiritual misery and compared to 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge' is far less concerned with creating effect but more with getting the point across. This is perhaps a reflection on the writer, Wordsworth's view is masked by the fact he is a visitor to London seeing it in the morning, while it is 'asleep' and Blake has a clear and unobstructed view of the real London. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Amy Freya Condliffe ...read more.

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