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In "The Tulip Touch" Was Tulip Born Evil ?

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Was Tulip Born Evil This essay is about the statement above it will show how this can be shown as true or false. You could feel that Tulip is Evil by Nature or Nurture, but you might consider in which way she is, which would be different to what you firstly thought. How is Tulip evil, nature or nurture? Nature is what they?re born like that and nurture is her surroundings something they picked up after birth. There was not many evidence in the book that suggested it was her nature. While reading this book I could mainly find suggestions that it was nurture so that is my option so far. ...read more.


Natalie?s dad thinks that she is purely evil by nurture. ?Don?t be silly. You know as well as I do that Tulip has had a rotten start to life, that it is hardly a surprise that she?s insensitive to other people?s feelings.? So that could be a fight on how she is evil by nurture. At this point I am still for nurture but it could change after this. Now I will show how it could be nature. Natalie?s mum thinks that ?Tulip is not stupid. Tulip knows the rules.? So in other words she thinks that Tulip is smart enough to know her boundaries. ...read more.


Some of the hotel guests think that Tulip is as wicked as a witch. In conclusion I believe that my overall judgement is that Tulip Pierce is purely evil by Nurture. As I believe that no one can be born evil in less they have mental illnesses. As her dad threatens her she becomes evil by the way she is talked to and treated. Like when Mr Pierce yelled out ?Better get home before me, Tulip, or I?ll snatch you bald headed!? So I think it was her upbringing and environment that caused her to be evil. I think If Tulip was a real flower and was planted in the palace she would of bloom bright and colourful. But at her own dwelling she was a shrivelled and dead flower who had not yet had a chance to bloom. ...read more.

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