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In this coursework I am going to imagine I am the director of a film version of"Romeo and Juliet".

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Maria Crowley Shakespeare Coursework In this coursework I am going to imagine I am the director of a film version of "Romeo and Juliet". I am going to focus on how I would depict one of the main characters. I have chosen to do a film version of the play as I would like to have more control of how I would portray my chosen character, using film craft e.g. camera angles, music location and special effects. Also I have the option of hiring famous and talented actors, whereas if I had chosen to do a theatre production I wouldn't have this choice due to the fact that many of the big named stars will refuse to do small productions. Another advantage of using a famous actor is that they will attract media coverage, which will increase advertising and also will increase viewing rates, therefore will make my film more successful. Another advantage of directing a film is that I can basically choose any location in this world, or any other world in fact, thus making the film more realistic as the scenes will not always be shot at a studio. Also special effects would be used in my advantage and would make the film more intriguing and add the option of setting the film in a more futuristic environment or in any time period I might be willing to choose. Another thing I have to consider is casting. I will have to be careful who I choose to play the part of my chosen character as I would have to keep in mind what films they have starred in previously, for example I would not want someone well known like AL Pacino to play the character of Benvolio. Al Pacino has the reputation of a hard man gangster whereas Benvolio is a peace maker and a kind, gentle character, so the this certain actor would meet up to the part of Benvolio. ...read more.


As I have changed the time and place setting of the original play, I will have to make a lot of changes to where the main events happen. For example as I said before, instead of being at Capulet's feast held at the Capulet's mansion, where the two young lovers meet I have changed it to a punk gig. They both glance at each other noticing there something about the other one that find strangely attractive, they ended up being pushed together by the large crowd and decide to leave the gig so they can talk to each other without interference. Both the Montagues and Capulets live in big London houses, but both Romeo and Juliet hang around the suburban streets where their friends live. The famous balcony scene will also be changed to be situated at an underground club, which conviently has a balcony. In this scene you will see Juliet takes a couple of hits from a bong before she speaks to Romeo. Romeo also at various parts of the film, smokes dope with friends. This was not unusual for the youth culture at the time. In the scene where her dad goes to strike her, she will storm out the house in a fit of rage and go the club to get things off her mind. This will be another scene where drugs will be involved. The audience will see Juliet in the woman's toilets with some of her friends, where one of the friends will pass her a joint. I know some people will disagree with the showing of drugs being used in the film, but other films have shown the use of more hardcore drugs such as heroine and cocaine, this is why I would think my film would be a certificate of 15. Baz Luhrman also included drugs in his film, when Romeo and his friends show up at the Capulets' feast, which changed the audiences' opinion of Romeo as will it in my film with Juliet. ...read more.


Also with the change of language I have made the play easier to relate to and to understand, so the viewer will not have difficulty in reading the plot. Times have moved on since Shakespeare and the ways of how people run their lives has as well. I think this version will be understood by many people and will still get the storyline across. On the other hand I don't think some critics will approve of the changes I have made and will think the changes made to the language have been too extreme. I think though the changes I have made to the language fits in perfectly to the new setting of the play. I don't think the film would be successful if a cockney punk was talking in Shakespearean English. If the general public don't like the film then that's how it goes, but I don't think I would change the way I would direct films, in the way of making radical changes to the original script. I want to explore the possibilities and effects of the changes I make. Filmmaking is all about experimenting, creating and imagination in my opinion. I'm sure the film will have no problem in attracting a wide audience as I think people will be intrigued to find out how a director could change the most famous romantic play into a hard core punk frenzy. My inspiration for the changes has came from Baz Luhrman's adaptation of the play. He showed how you can still change the time and settings of an respectable play and still make it a successful bug budget movie. Even though he stuck closely to the script, he did change the ending, where Romeo kills Paris, he did not include this in his movie (to make the audience more sympathetic of Romeo). This showed me that you can change parts of the play to change the audiences' interperation of certain characters, which is what I have done with Juliet. ...read more.

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