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In this essay I will show how Juliet changes mentally from a girl to a determined woman

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In this essay I will show how Juliet changes mentally from a girl to a determined woman. We have noticed this how she begins the play as a submissive and obedient girl who has lived a sheltered life and that she develops into a resolute woman. Romeo's character does change: rather, we find out what he is really like. But Juliet does not change but she does develop. In this respect she anticipates and the character of Shakespeare's later plays and mature Juliet is a contrast to impassioned Romeo. Her love is as deep as his, and as deeply felt (notice how she longs for the return of the nurse and anticipates her wedding night). We are quite wrong if we suppose there is anything insipid or weak about her feelings, but she has more awareness of practicalities of situation than Romeo and she speaks much more frankly. Act 1 Scene 3 Juliet uses polite and formal language. She asks her nurse is her social inferior. Juliet says very little in this scene, out of 106 lines she says 7lines. When the audience first see her she doesn't say a lot of words, therefore, she is presented as a shy. ...read more.


She says that her love is so beautiful and strong that she doesn't deserve him being by himself; he should be cut into stars and put on the sky. Her words her prophetic. Act three scene one, is when the nurse first returns with news of Tybalt, Juliet thinks she is talking about Romeo. Juliet then uses words connected with death such as: "Slain, woe, dismal, and death, slaughtered, tormented and poison". These words reflect that she is upset, in a terrible state, she wants to kill hers self, and she is in distress. When Juliet is about to take the Friar's potion she starts to imagine everything that might happen to her. She starts imagine that the Friar might poison her, and she could suffocate if Romeo didn't come in time, Tybalt's festering and her great ancestors in their shroud. The audience will build up a picture of Juliet as having a vivid imagination as she is describing things that she has never seen e.g. dead bodies in shroud etc. When Romeo and Juliet first meet they speak in rhyme. Romeo speaks four lines that rhyme, Juliet then replies in the same rhyme scheme. They also share rhyming couplets. ...read more.


She's is forced to say this because she is being threatened by her father. The aspect of her character is enforced by the fact that she is gradually isolated from everyone she knows and loves. This, indeed, happens to Romeo to, but he is away in Mantua and it is Juliet we actually see struggling alone with circumstances. She is without Romeo; she is cut of from her parents because they don't know of her marriage; even the nurse lets her down by suggesting bigamy when Juliet turns to her for help. We notice that Juliet is thus abounded from everyone in the scene where is banished to Mantua. In act 3 scene 2 Juliet uses sexually explicit language as she waits for Romeo she says "Spread thy close curtain love performing night". "Romeo leaps to these arms". "Lovers can see to do their amorous rites (night-time is when people do love). "I have bought the mansion of love (but yet not possessed it). That she's gone from innocent, na�ve, mature and articulate lady. She is being a young dependent female into an independent mature woman. She uses flattery when she wants information from the nurse; she uses imagery to describe her love for Romeo. She is also able to imagine the horrors of the vault even though she has never seen it before. ...read more.

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