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In this story, The Pose, the author is trying to convey the message that life as we know it can change if it is taken in a different point of view altogether

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Majeed Bilal Majeed Mrs. Jarvis ENG3U1 ? 04 06 November 2012 Short Story ?The Pose? Response ?If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden? (Frances Hodgson Burnett). This beautiful sentence has a great significance to it; life was not based on an ideal conception but surely we have the ability to change that, by trading a few shoes. This short story is quite exceptional with a fascinating plot explaining a girl?s day as she replaces a mannequin at a display case at a store. Overall, I really enjoyed this story because it made me wonder why a smart, sophisticated girl would want to be a mannequin. ...read more.


At least not in her presence. Like a kind and caring queen receiving the adulation of her subjects? (99). These were the words said by the protagonist showing us how she had never received such admiration before as ordinary person, but now as she has become a utopian figure ? a mannequin ? she has reluctantly opened her arms to appreciation. I have also experienced a similar scenario because I have also been through the same sort of situation where I went on to introduce myself as someone else. Although extremely nerve wracking to keep up with, it did show me how this world and the people in it can really change just by the fact that you are someone else; people around me ...read more.


She?d have to be very careful ? and fast. And yet there was such comfort inside the show window! How she wallowed in that pleasure! Another ten minutes? Why not ...? (100). In this personal conversation, the protagonist tries to convince herself in staying in the show window a little while longer because of all the comfort and confidence she achieves. I think the author?s purpose was to show us how looking at the world from a different perspective can really change the way you think of it, and I completely agree with this statement for the world can truly change if you look at it from another person?s standpoint. Therefore, I conclude by saying that I truthfully enjoyed this story and it taught me a brilliant lesson that surely life is not a utopian figure but we can most definitely change that. ...read more.

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