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In what ways do you think that the dreams of the characters are different from reality and to what extent will they be fulfilled?

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In What Ways Do You Think That The Dreams Of The Characters Are Different From Reality And To What Extent Will They Be Fulfilled? The American Dream can be defined as the idea that America is the land of opportunity for everyone who is willing to work hard and persevere. It was seen as the land of freedom where everyone has a chance of "pursuit of happiness." The USA was seen as a place of equal opportunities for anyone, one of the reasons being that there was no class system like there were in Britain. Dramatic irony links in with this idea of the Wingfield family living in the middle of the American Dream. It involves us in the play but as it is a memory play, dramatic irony does not make us feel part of it. It reminds us that we are on the outside looking in and also that we live in a different time period than the one in which the play is set. We, as the audience have a great deal of insight into the play, and therefore we know that there is no real truth in the American Dream. ...read more.


His dreams remain suppressed until the end of the play when he departs through the fire escape, away from the prison, which he called home and out of Laura and Amanda's lives forever. " I descended the steps of this fire escape for a last time and followed, from then on, in my father's footsteps, attempting to find in motion what was lost in space -" However, after he leaves, he is drawn back to the apartment where he gives his final soliloquy. From this, we establish that he is still haunted by the memories of his sister. " Oh, Laura, Laura, I tried to leave you behind me, but I am more faithful than I intended to be!" He is ridden with guilt for leaving her and in the film version he looks and sounds more depressed than he did before he left his family. Guilt took him by surprise, as he never thought he would feel this way because he would be so contented with his new life. " It always came upon me unawares, taking me altogether by surprise." This show that he did not think properly about the aftermath of his departure and that he did not take the consequences into full consideration. ...read more.


All of the dreams of the characters remain unfulfilled owing to Jim's departure. The Wingfields rely upon Jim too much and this is why their lives become so miserable. All of their dreams remain suppressed until the arrival of Jim and at this point all their dreams have a chance of coming true. As they do not come true, the Wingfields give up all hope and this leads to Tom's exiting. They do not consider other factors such as there are better men than Jim in the world and they end up even more miserable than they were to begin with - all because of a stranger they hardly knew. All the dreams of the characters in the play depend upon hope, which is why they go unsatisfied. Some of the dreams that the characters have, will threaten them for the rest of their lives, particularly Tom who has to live with the fact that he abandoned Laura. From this we can establish that none of the characters will ever have a very successful life and that they will never dream again because to them dreams just lead to disappointment. This is a constant theme in Tennessee Williams' work - that all dreams are doomed to disappointment. ...read more.

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