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Is Sex Only Right Within Marriage?

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Evaluation When asked the question "Is sex only right within marriage?" I considered many areas where sex outside of marriage occurs, and I will write about them, considering points by both catholic and non-catholic views. Sex outside of marriage whist already married. Marriage is the ultimate bond made by two people in love. It is exclusive, and each partner should be committed to the other. If one partner chooses to have sex, whilst married, to another, it is considered adultery. Not only is adultery considered bad in the eyes of Jesus and the church, but it is frowned upon by society as well. When a person commits adultery, he or she is breaking their marriage vows and one of the commandments of the church. In a lot of cases adultery can lead to marital breakdown, as it damages the relationship, as one partner does not trust the other anymore. So for this case of sex outside of marriage I have agreed with the statement, sex is wrong outside of marriage, if you are already married to someone else. Casual sex or 'Unmarried sex' Also when talking about the word sex, it does not just have one definition. ...read more.


Or the risk of gaining a reputation and lack of self respect. Although we are taught it's not our place to judge anyone else's business. Also it does not mention the responsibility that sex brings with it. With every act of (unprotected) sex there is the chance of reproducing, whether planned or otherwise. Therefore, if the couple are not involved in a relationship together, and the female becomes pregnant, there is either the option of abortion to get rid of the child and responsibility (which is against the teaching of the Catholic Church) or becoming a single mother. Living Together When a couple are in a relationship and have been for a very long time, an idea would be to live together. This is a big step of commitment which either occurs as or before a couple are married. The issue of proving your love physically to your partner is eventually going to become an issue while living together. It is statistically proven that couples who live together before marriage, there is a higher divorce rate among these couples. This could be because that couple have spent a lot of time together over a long period of time, they may have spent too much time together, and need a break from each other for a while. ...read more.


Therefore, if that couple rushed straight into a marriage without living together previously, they would not have spotted this problem until their only option to be happy would be to divorce. Conclusion On one hand, sex outside of marriage when it is the act of adultery, I agree with the statement, as it its very wrong to do this for many reasons including it is breaking the commandments and vows set by marriage. Also casual sex I think is wrong personally. As if you are not in love, you should not experience the act of love, as the sex would be empty and have no intimacy. On the other hand, and I agree with, sex is something that can or cannot have feeling attached to it, but both can be enjoyable all the same. But to have sex while in love and in a positive relationship, it is better as you are merely not having sex, but proving your love to your loved one. Living together in the hope to one day be married, there is no problem making love, as the couple have made a commitment to each other and are serious about their love. Sarah S. Eaton 7187 Religious Studies Coursework Marriage Evaluation Page 1 ...read more.

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