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It was a hot summers day and Alyson was having a quiet day with her children Vince and Clarence at thier grans. As the church clock struck 12 o'clock the phone went, it was Vince wanting to come home

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ENGLISH ESSAY It was a hot summers day and Alyson was having a quiet day with her children Vince and Clarence at thier grans. As the church clock struck 12 o'clock the phone went, it was Vince wanting to come home, that was Alysons day ruined but not untill dinner because she had things to do. She had to go to the bank and the post office. It came 5 o'clock and Alyson had done everything apart from make the dinner for the children. She was in teh middle of making the dinner and all of a sudden everything in the house went dead lights,tv and the phone line. Her mind started racing in a panic but then everything just came back on. She really started worrying and she phned the police to come out and check everything was ok. The police were there within 10 minutes and they checked the house and the electrical box outside but they found no sign of any outside interference. ...read more.


The boy spoke to her and said, " I will drive you to insanity and no one wull no why you are like this. I will eventually break your mind and become you. Your broken mind will be my door into this world." In morning Alyson remembered what happened huring the night but she couldnt remember if it was a dream or not. Her mother always came to visit Alyson and the children on a Sunday, so when her mother arrived Alyson told her what happened adn she just laughed and replied, " There is no such thing as ghosts. It must have been a dream!" but Alyson wasn't so sure. The while of that day she was very wary of things. Everywhere she went she had a feeling some was watching her, hovering over her like a bird of prey. Later on that day she felt so insecure in her own house that she asked her mother if they could stay with her for the night and of course her mother said yes. ...read more.


She let out a loud scream! Lyndsay ran in and asked, " What happened? Are you ok? " She replied," Yes fine, it was just a spider." Alyson thought, anything to cover up. Eventually they got to the Duck Bay Hotel. Alyson and Lyndsay ordered their food and Alyson was looking out the window onto the water, she saw the again and she couldn't take it anymore and burst into rears and started screaming, she also started to shake, so Lyndsay phoned the ambulance service because she thought she was taking a fit. The ambulance crew arrived and took her to the hospital. Through time in hospital they realised it was caused by a " nervous breakdown " and they also found out what the breakdown was caused by, it was caused by Alyson being able to see ghosts when no one else can. The doctors put it down to have being stressed and depressed alot but Alyson was put into a mental hospital for her own safety and her kids stayed with their gran. � ��V�� � $��� � (r)��� � B(r)�Х ��(\/) 14531019 http://www.freewebs.com/rfc-ross-rfc/ ...read more.

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