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Jack the Ripper - Why did he attract so much attention?

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Jack the Ripper Question 2 Jack the ripper murdered many women in the east end of London. Jack the ripper targeted prostitutes in particular. They all lived in the Whitechapel area. He killed five prostitutes and probably more. The first victim was Marry Ann Nichols. Mary was born on August 26th 1845 and killed on Friday, August 31 1888. Her body was discovered at about 3:40 in the early morning on the ground in front of a gated stable entrance in Buck's Row (since renamed Durward Street), a back street in Whitechapel two hundred yards from the London Hospital. Second victim was Annie Chapman, born in September 1841 and killed on Saturday, September 8, 1888. ...read more.


The attacks were gruesome and no one in London has seen anything like it. People grew more interested with each murder. This was because of the regular continuation of the killings and the failure of the police catching him. People grew more concerned of Jack the Ripper. Another reason was the amount of women being killed by Jack, there was no serial killer recorded before in history, so this was all new to the citizens of London. Usually murderers would target wealthy people for their money, so people found it surprising that the poor was getting attacked. Also the murders were taken place during weekend, which might mean that Jack the Ripper have a regular job. The main factor that attracted so much attention was the press. Jack's victim was all drunken prostitutes. ...read more.


The people who wanted to improve conditions in poor areas of London saw the murders as the perfect opportunity to express their views because the local elections were approaching. This also caught the press's attention. The press saw this as the perfect opportunity to produce more as the public grew more interested of the murders. As the attack grew more violent, the press exaggerated more about the attack. The press makes Jack the Ripper sound more dangerous so that people will read their papers. Another link is between the attacks and the civil unrest. The more the murders the more civil unrest the police must prevent. In conclusion, when all of this is taken into account it is hardly surprising that the work of Jack the Ripper attracted so much attention at the time. ...read more.

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