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Jane Eyre: A Cinderella Story The Novel Jane Eyre in several aspects can be compared to "Cinderella".

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Jane Eyre: A Cinderella Story The Novel Jane Eyre in several aspects can be compared to "Cinderella". Jane is similar to Cinderella, Rochester is like Prince Charming, Mrs. Reed is like her evil step mother, Eliza and Georgiana are like the evil step sisters. Jane's life at Gateshed is like Cinderella's life at her step mother's house. When Jane was living at Thornfield, is like Cinderella when she married the prince, and was living in the palace. Mr. Rochester is like her prince charming, which takes her away from her ugly life. But Jane is there to give his ward Adele an education. ...read more.


And Jane actually kind have became friends with her cousins Eliza and Georgiana, after she finds out that John Reed has died. And she does not forgive Mrs. Reed like she expects her to do. Mrs. Reed expects to receive Jane's forgiveness and how she was treated like when she lived in Gateshed. And Mrs. Reed then dies at midnight. When Jane leaves Gateshed and goes to the Lowood School for orphan girls, her life does not get much better. She is neglected and not taken very good care of. When Mr. Brocklehust leaves the school and Miss Temple takes over things get a little better. ...read more.


Jane was locked in the red room for a punishment, when she retaliated to her cousin john's violence towards her. Is similar to when Cinderella was locked in her room when the prince was going around the town after the ball to try to find the eligible lady that the glass slipper belonged to Jane Eyre is similar to Cinderella that she is Cinderella, Miss. Temple is her fairy god mother, Rochester is like Prince Charming, Grace is the spell, Her aunt and cousins are her evil step-mother and sisters. Her aunt uses her as a slave. Miss. Temple makes her better then she was originally. Rochester and Jane fall in love. And Grace is the spell that wears off. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ashley Reichelderfer Pd:1 Mrs. Kilburn 11/21/2005 ...read more.

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