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Jane Eyre Coursework

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Jane Eyre Coursework Charlotte Bronte was born in 1816 in Yorkshire. At that time England was fast becoming Europe's most stable and prosperous country. The Industrial Revolution was initialising. The Industrial Revolution was a time of dramatic change, from hand tools and handmade items, to products which were mass produced by machines. Workers became more productive, and since more items were manufactured, prices dropped, making exclusive and hard to make items available to the poor and not only the rich and elite. The industrial revolution was a time for change. More opportunities appeared to be offered with the introduction of more factories and ships, railways and steam engines; and all this was taking place under a government and legislature, which were still narrowly restricted to the privileged few that were wealthy by birth or becoming wealthy in commerce. Despite the Industrial Revolution, England remained mostly countryside housing the rich in elaborate homes, the middle class in comfortable homes and even the poor lived in pleasant cottages. By the time Charlotte Bronte was writing 'Jane Eyre' it was becoming more evident that a price was being paid for this prosperity. The Industrial Revolution introduced dirt and squalor, ugliness and crime into the lives of the poor whose circumstances forced them to live and work in the mills and factories of the new towns. ...read more.


She was often tortured by John Reed and looked down upon by all the family members. Here she is sullen and withdrawn but also spirited. At times her anger and resentment cause her to flash out at the Reeds. When Jane moves to Lowood we see a different side of her character, a desire to be loved. When treated kindly she softens, repaying the love shown to her with interest. Even so her anger and resentment continue quietly. Leaving Lowood reveals a sprit of independence and determination. Although impulsive she is not headstrong. Her character continues to develop at Thornfield. She is kind to Mrs Fairfax and looks to befriend Adele while sincerely working in her charge's best interest. From the beginning she refused to be cowed by Mr Rochester's frequently over-bearing character. Jane is not easily seduced or intimidated by class. Jane's irony is a defence, a means of keeping her deepest feelings hidden from a potentially hostile world and, at times, even from herself. As she gains in trust, she gains in directness but once again she is capable of asserting herself if challenged or abused. Jane has a great source of strength and determination and is able to command herself to do what she feels is right. ...read more.


She is more mature and quite. She has been through quite a lot of events. She has learned and developed. When Jane returns it is also evident that Mr Rochester has also changed. There was a fire accident at Thornfield and Mr Rochester is blind and is badly damaged. Janes real love is revealed as she stays with him even though he is not perfect. Mr Rochester was also very depressed and sad. At the end of the book Mr Rochester and Jane are married and together. There seems to be a lot more equality between them. This may be because Mr Rochester had been so dependent on Jane for most things becasue of he was blind. He has learned that women are equal to me. They are both happy, open and friendly with eachother. This is a complete contrast to their first meeting. At the first meeting they are abrupt, almost cheek and firm with eachother. They did not know each other so they did not talk then. I think that at the end of the book M Rochester has realised not to be sexist. His experience from being almost completely depended upon a woman would have changed him quite a bit. A the end the story is very equal. Neither have any secrets or mysteries between them and both see eachother as equals. ...read more.

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