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Jaws Film Review

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Jaws review There's something lurking in the water, deep on the ocean floor, waiting, for un-expecting 'Lunch'. Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) has a big problem on his hands. The chief of police hire a local crazy fisherman to go and kill the MONSTER of the ocean. Quint (Robert Shaw) and Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) embark on the journey of a ...lifetime. The film was released in the summer on the 4th of July. People would have been going to the beaches on the beautiful summer day but also many people would have wanted to watch the film. After watching the film it would have made made many people look forward and expect a big film My favourite scene is the attacking of the kinder boy. First of all the boy comes out of the water wearing red swimming trunks (red signalises danger) ...read more.


Now the boy is in the water on his lilo and the lilo is yellow. As everything is going on the editor has made chief Brody towards the back of the beach so that he can have people walking in front of him. This builds tension as |Chief Brody is unaware of what could happen to people in the ocean. The editor uses a point of view shot from Brody's perspective as something yellow walks into his view, after the girl gets picked up by the man a lot more people enter the sea, they make lots of splashes and you can just the boy in the distance on the lilo. Chief Brody is then joined by a friend drying himself off. We then get a point of view and low angle shot from the shark's perspective and we see him swimming towards the legs of the boy on the lilo. ...read more.


This made a huge profit on top of the money they earned from people actually watching the film. Steven Spielberg has got to be one of the most leading film producers in the history of Hollywood. He has made countless blockbusters and is one of the wealthiest men around. He was born in 1946 in Ohio on the 18 of December. After attending California state school he left so he could persue his career in the entertainment business. Spielberg's first famous film was 'The sugerland Express', this film marked him as an up rising superstar. This was a year before he directed the film that made him internationally known; jaws. His dedication to this film was uncanny. He actually lived on the set most days and didn't go home because he was so worried that it wouldn't get finished in time. Spielberg incredible knowledge, hard work and enthusiasm is what made him today and without these characteristics he would be what he is. ...read more.

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